Enhance Customer Experience With Tracking Systems

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Van Monster

There are many demonstrable benefits to using a satellite-based asset tracking system with your vehicle fleet, not least among which are the many cost savings. Vehicle tracking makes for lower fuel consumption due to more efficient route-finding, lower insurance premiums, less chance of being hit by traffic fines and charges and a reduction in costly admin – which all adds up to make great practical and financial sense. But there’s a further major advantage which is not so widely discussed: the increased customer satisfaction that vehicle tracking engenders.

Stealing a march on the competition

Transport-based businesses are highly competitive, and getting the edge on the competition invariably involves improving your customer service, no matter whether you are a haulage firm, parcel delivery, a taxi service or anything else. There are a variety of methods to enhance customer satisfaction, but chief among them for any enterprise with a vehicle fleet is asset tracking, now more cost-effective and sophisticated than ever. Satellite vehicle tracking systems place a wealth of information at operators’ fingertips, which increase business efficiency and customer confidence in equal measure.

Accurate information on demand

In the past, when customers would call to enquire about delivery or pick-up times, operators would have to either give them unsatisfactorily vague information or call the driver en route to give a slightly more accurate arrival time. Vehicle tracking provides a constant stream of live information, enabling the operator to pinpoint a vehicle’s location and pass this information along to the customer. Everybody wins: the driver is able to concentrate on the job, the operator is able to more efficiently administer the business – and most importantly, the customer can be reassured that everything is proceeding to plan!

Peace of mind: priceless

The other side of the coin is increased peace of mind for customers expecting deliveries of high-value assets, such as luxury vehicles or expensive couriered items. Asset tracking systems not only give the customer the confidence that their prized items are being followed every mile of the delivery route, but the presence of tracking technology also dissuades thieves and makes recovery far easier in the event of anything untoward actually happening. Vehicle tracking systems save money, resources, time and hassle – no wonder that most fleet-based businesses are turning to them.