10 Classic Muscle Cars That Are Easy to Restore

    Although American muscle cars are among the most well-liked automobiles in the world, not every car enthusiast can afford them. Modern ones are expensive, but older models with lower price tags are either unreliable or unsightly. As a result, a lot of first-time purchasers opt to purchase the damaged ones and renovate them into something lovely. Most companies have started producing an astounding amount of authentic factory-licensed components for some of the more renowned muscle cars in recent years, ranging from engine decals and accurate tail light screws to full bodywork. So, instead of spending years in pick-and-pull shops and swap meetings, rebuilding a classic muscle vehicle with simply a solid frame and engine can become  a piece of cake. To help you on your journey of restoring a classic vehicle, Click 4 Reg have outlined 10 classic muscle cars to take into consideration.

    1. 1965 Ford Mustang

    The Mustang was solely responsible for launching the pony car market in the 1960s and accelerating the muscle car arms race like no other vehicle could. Amazingly, nearly every component on these automobiles from 50 years ago is still produced and is still available for a fair price. A classic Mustang project is a great way to begin restoration with that type of parts support, as well as a bookcase full of how-to guides and innumerable internet forums about how to rebuild them.

    2. 1964 Pontiac GTO

    The 1964 Pontiac GTO, considered the first true muscle car, represents a bygone era in automobile manufacturing. Pontiac is no longer in business, but replacement parts for the GTO are readily available from the most well-stocked specialists, such as the Original Parts Group Inc. Due to the car’s rarity, you may have to pay a premium for GTO replacement parts. Furthermore, components may no longer be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

    3. 1972 Chevrolet El Camino

    Since the El Camino is so well-known, it’s easy to find genuine and discounted components promptly and at a reasonable price. However, this car’s Chevelle A-Body is what gives it its inherent charm. The A-Body is a versatile type that may be used for a variety of purposes. You see distinctive El Camino custom works from all over the world because of this.

    4. 1970 Chevrolet Impala

    The Chevrolet Impala SS is one of the most recognisable muscle vehicles ever made. The Impala is unique in that it combines a saloon’s level of comfort with the power of mid-sized sports vehicles. Simply put, it’s a powerful sports automobile that also allows you to pick up your children from school safely. It is simple to restore the Impala SS to a better condition than when it left the factory with a few mechanical changes and quality replacement parts.

    5. 1970 Mercury Cougar

    Ford introduced the Mercury Cougar in 1967, and it quickly won honours and became a popular choice among more affluent vehicle aficionados. Thanks to a robust aftermarket, you should have no trouble finding everything you need to put an old Cat back on the road. And these Mercurys are still quite inexpensive when compared to the soaring Mustang pricing.

    6. 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass

    The 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass, one of the most powerful vehicles of its period and built on General Motors’ A-Body platform, combined elegance with power. You benefit from this since parts are easily accessible. In addition, you can purchase a second-hand Oldsmobile Cutlass relatively cheaply. Of course, it won’t sell for what a Mustang costs.

    7. 1981 Pontiac Firebird

    The muscle automobile was all but extinct by the late 1970s. The Pontiac Firebird was the one exception. While Ford and Chrysler had almost abandoned performance, and even the Chevy Camaro (the two shared a chassis), the Firebird remained a beast. Because parts are readily available, they are also reasonably simple to maintain.

    8. 1974 Ford Torino

    Aside from its appealing appearance, one of the primary reasons people adore the Torino is its cost as an ideal Mustang alternative. However, carefully restored Torinos sell for the same price as a Mustang today. There are also plenty of replacement components, making the Torino an excellent first project for novices.

    9. 1976 Dodge Dart

    The handsome fourth-generation Dart debuted in 1967, and throughout its nine-year manufacturing run, it was available with anything from a frugal 170 cubic inch slant-six to a big-block 440 V8. Pick one up for a few thousand dollars and customise it to your liking. You’ll be hard pushed to find a more affordable way into muscle car ownership.

    10. 1970 Dodge Super Bee

    Dodge’s midsize muscle vehicle shared its Mopar B-body with the Plymouth Satellite/Road Runner and the less flashy Coronet. When Dodge introduced the Super Bee in 1968, it was a no-nonsense bruiser with three Big V8s, a heavy-duty suspension, and nothing else. The model to keep an eye out for is the 1970 model, which had “bumblebee wings,” a split grille, and cartoon decorations that looked like tools. Given that every component has essentially been remanufactured in modern times, this restoration job is rather simple.