Car Blog allow high quality advertising highly targeted to the cars and motoring industry. You can send us your code and requirements and we can quickly get your ad live. There are no long waits and we do not send you complex CPM rates – just a straight forward quote.

We do not offer free editorial or free of charge ‘guest blogs’.

Car Blog is a high quality website. We only accept original, well written articles and we do not copy content from other websites. We use a handful of carefully selected young writers who are passionate about cars. Our web site is up to date, interesting and attracts real readers. So make sure your ad gets seen and use our contact form to get in touch.


Category Sponsorship

We are offering category sponsorship. For each of our top level categories we will allow a maximum of just 2 sponsors to appear in the right sidebar with a banner advertisement or text advert which will link directly to your website. Our categories include; green motoring, car insurance, news, car accessories, car reviews and Driving. Please use our contact form and ask about ‘Category sponsorship’.  An example can be seen here.