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Accident Compensation

Accident Compensation

car accident

5 Causes of Car Accidents

We’re used to hearing about car accidents on the news and as we scroll through social media. It’s safe to say that car accidents are sadly, very common with thousands of people being involved in them each year.When you're involved in an accident someone else caused, it is particularly difficult. You're injured, in...
motoring legal advice

Need a Specialist Motoring Lawyer?

Do you need a specialist lawyer to sort out your motoring related issues?Driving is something that practically everyone does. The majority of the time your journeys go smoothly. You arrive at your destination without incident. However, things can and do go wrong. Sadly, the more miles you drive the more likely you are to have an accident...
What is whiplash

What is Whiplash?

Back in the days when pirates roamed the seven seas anyone suffering a whiplash injury would quite likely have previously been tied to the mast and lashed with the cat o' nine tails but today the word "whiplash" has a very different meaning. Although commonly used, this is a colloquial, non-medical, term describing a neck injury caused by a...

The Safest Cars in the UK

Cars in the UK are tested by Euro NCAP and every year they generate a list of the safest cars on the road. Vehicles are rated according to the protection they offer the driver, passengers and children on board, as well as pedestrians. Safety technologies are also considered.Technological advances have improved the safety features of many UK cars.The crumple...
The Spine

Car Accident Related Back Injuries

The roads in Britain are some of the safest in the world, for every one hundred thousand cars on our roads there are only 7 fatalities. Only a few countries, such as Japan, Iceland and Malta, can boast lower equivalent figures. Despite this, accidents do still happen on the highways in Britain. Although not all of these crashes are...