Motorists Can Make the Road Safer for Motorcyclists

motorcycle accidents
motorcycle accidents

The road can be a dangerous place for anyone, whether you’re a motorist, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian. However, this statement is perhaps more true for motorcyclists than anyone else.

Motorcyclists Are At Greater Risk

Motorcyclists are at more of a risk for various reasons. Due to their small size but fast speed, anyone riding a motorbike is more likely to become involved in an accident than any other road user. However, it is the outcome of an accident that is more concerning than the probability of one occurring. Motorcyclists have limited protection, and there is a higher chance of serious injuries or even death.

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62 Times More Likely to Suffer a Fatal Accident

In 2018, we reported on the shocking motorbike accident statistics that revealed how dangerous it can be to ride a motorcycle. The most incredible headline from this piece was that motorcyclists were 62 times more likely to suffer a fatal accident than car drivers.

Based on the fatality rate per billion passenger miles, this alarming figure shows just how dangerous it can be to ride a motorbike. While accidents are not inevitable, it is worrying how severe the consequences can be. Even if a rider equips themselves with a helmet, padded clothing and other safety gear, they can sustain severe injuries and in some cases, life-threatening injuries.

Don’t Cause An Accident

While accidents cannot be prevented entirely, and in some cases, responsibility will lie with the motorcyclist, there are a few things motorists can do to make the road a safer place for this vulnerable road user group.

Changing Lanes & Junctions

One of the best tips that can be offered to motorists is to be more aware. It may sound obvious, but awareness is an essential skill to learn when taking to the roads. Even after several hours of driving experience, unpredictable moments are bound to appear. How you navigate the hazard of a motorcyclist on the road is different from that of other motorists. Make sure to avoid a casual approach when changing lanes or exiting junctions. Check all mirrors, windows and blind spots, and when confident that it is safe to do so, signal your intentions and perform the manoeuvre. Motorcyclists are far less visible, and this is one of the most common reasons for accidents to occur. However, this is not an excuse for adopting a relaxed approach to awareness. Whenever passing a motorcyclist, do so cautiously. Keep in mind that passing them may cause a sudden gust of wind that can disrupt their riding.

Keep Your Distance

Motorbikes can accelerate more quickly than cars, but they can also break harder. When driving behind a motorcyclist, make sure that you leave enough room. Be prepared for them to stop quicker than you expect. Remember than weather and environmental hazards, such as wet and windy conditions, cause greater difficulty for motorcyclists than it does for you. Poor conditions can cause a motorcyclist to become unstable, and any collision with your vehicle could lead to a dangerous situation. Motorbikes have blind spots just as much as drivers. Be cautious when near them and prepare for any scenario where they may change lane suddenly.

Listen Out

While you should take every necessary measure to identify a motorcyclist with your eyes first and foremost, sound is also an excellent tool to use. In fact, motorbikes are often louder than cars, especially when they whizz past. Lower down your music so that you can hear the sounds happening around you. If you hear the sounds of a motorbike engine nearing, this can be the first sign to alert you of a potential hazard. Similar to this point, make sure that you cut out any form of distraction. If it’s not already clear from this article, the room for error is much smaller when it concerns motorcyclists. A simple lapse in concentration can cause an accident in no time, and the results can be fatal.

Don’t Throw Anything Out of the Window

This should go without saying, but don’t throw anything out of your car’s window. This could include anything from paper, wrappers, cans, used cigarettes, and so on. Not only is it a disrespectful act of littering and bad for the environment, but it can be dangerous should it interfere with a motorbike rider. Other motorists may be able to brush off the incident, but simple disturbances can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike.