Three Tips for the Budding Classic Car Collector

    Cars are more than just a mode of transport to some; they are a way of life. Art in engineering and fascinating history rolled up in one, classic and vintage cars have a particular appeal to hobbyists – birthing the phenomenon of classic car collection.

    You might have more than a passing interest in classic cars from yesteryear, but you might be hesitant to grow your collection without knowing a little more about the hobby. Here are three simple tips that every car collector wishes they knew before they started.

    Be Smart About the Logistics

    As a collector, you will quickly find yourself amassing an impressive array of cars in various states of repair – and likely more than you initially bargained on! Such is the nature of hobbies. A preparatory approach to your budding collection can be helpful in the long term; how much room do you have on your property for vehicle storage, and do you have a safe, sheltered space in which to work on your cars and store any spares?

    The car collector’s reward isn’t just the ownership of classic, vintage vehicles; it is also the ability to enjoy them out on the road. But, despite reduced cost when it comes to things like road tax, running a number of cars can be expensive, especially when it comes to the matter of insurance. Not only will you want to protect the value of your cars in the event of an accident or injury, but you are also legally required to insure any vehicle you drive.

    Opting for cheap temporary car insurance can help keep costs down by eliminating the need for an expensive insurance plan that covers all vehicles all the time – even those that you have no intention of actually driving for a while.

    Join a Club

    Collecting cars can be an utterly engrossing hobby, but it can also become something of a solitary one. If you do not have friends who share your enthusiasm, you may find yourself struggling for an outlet. You might also be craving a community from which to learn more about your hobby and expand your understanding.

    As with any hobby, visiting a dedicated hobby group can be a strong way to find yourself a community of like-minded folks. Classic car clubs exist across the country, tailored to different brands and eras of car and also regionalised. Through your local branch of classic car club, you can find other people with the same specific interests – widening your network, expanding your knowledge base and maybe giving you a few more purchases to consider…

    Find a Reliable Mechanic

    Classic car collection can sometimes segue into classic car maintenance, with older and less reliable vehicles requiring a lot more regular upkeep to keep in good and usable condition. While the fixing of minor issues may be well within your wheelhouse, major jobs might be just a little more than you can manage – especially if you have a driveway full of cars to tend to.

    This illustrates well the importance of having a mechanic you trust on hand. By building a positive relationship with a skilled, local car mechanic, you can ensure your cars are always in the right hands when you are in need of major repairs.