5 Models You Might Not Have Considered When Shopping For A Classic Car

Shopping for a classic car can be exciting. You may have many different eras of the vehicle to explore to your heart’s content.

That said, making a choice may be more challenging if you’re spoilt for them. More than the feeling of driving the vehicle may also need to be considered. Classic cars can be a piece of history, and owning one might introduce you to responsibilities and opportunities you hadn’t initially thought about. As you probably won’t be using a classic car for work purposes you may find recreational insurance is sufficient and lower cost.

Still, now could be one of the better times to shop for a classic car. There have been calls for the community to be more inclusive, hoping to entice new demographics of fans. If you’re new to this world, perhaps it’s reasonable to expect a warmer welcome.

Which models might offer the most promising results when shopping for a classic car? The suggestions below might be a useful guide for you.

The Triumph Spitfire

The Triumph Spitfire can be very appealing to classic car fans. The vehicle might have been one of the most popular in showrooms from 1962-1980.

Moreover, owners of a Triumph Spitfire may also be able to take their vehicles to shows today as well. The make and model seem particularly sought after for these events, so it could be a good way to get out there and integrate yourself into a community of classic car enthusiasts.

The availability of Triumph Spitfire parts could also continue to remain steady. Some classic cars can sometimes be considered obsolete, but the Triumph Spitfire seems popular in the classic car community.

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Volkswagen Golf GT1 Mk1

The Volkswagen Golf GT1 Mk1 might capture your interest if you prefer more compact cars. Despite the smaller size, there might be a lot for you to appreciate here.

You may have heard of a Volkswagen Golf already. As you can probably guess, the Mk1 was the iteration that began the trend of these vehicles. Given its history and where the Golf is today, you might expect a more profound retro feel. The 1970s and 80s aesthetics may also contribute to that sensation.

It came with an impressive chassis and a 1.6-litre fuel-injected engine. It could be said that it’s a car that’s simple in form and purpose. While the term’ classic cars’ may sometimes be associated with a sense of rich antiquity, the Volkswagen Golf GT1 Mk1 may feel like a more humble and straightforward vehicle to own. There could be an appeal in that, despite its classic status.

Renault 4

The Renault 4 is another classic car that may not be flashy on the exterior. It’s a classic car that you could perhaps expect to complement a normal life, potentially offering a more conventional driving experience.

There may still be things you should note here. Due to the wide-opening hatchback, you may have more space than you would in the Volkswagen Golf GT1 Mk1. Though there may have been around six engines to choose from, the vehicle’s power likely stayed in the range of 23bhp and 34bhp. So, while it may not be a juggernaut of speed, it’s a useful motor to get you around.

The R4 may have achieved some impressive feats. The use of a sealed cooling system was perhaps unheard of until the vehicle came along. Its hatchback status may have had an impact, too, as not many hatchbacks were mass-produced in the 50s. So, this classic car may still be impressive for its legacy appeal.

The Bentley Turbo R

The Bentley Turbo R might be the stylish classic car you’re looking for. It could also be considered more iconic of good driving in the 80s.

The Turbo R may be able to reach 60mph in seven seconds. Top speeds have the potential to hit 143mph. While it may not be an overly impressive feat today, these capabilities mean that the Bentley Turbo R made waves in the 80s and could be far more impressionable today for that reputation.

Bentley could also be one of the more luxurious British car manufacturers today. Despite the auto industry struggling elsewhere, Bentley continued to hit record sales figures at the start of 2023 too. Brand power can be significant to classic car fans, and if you have a similar reverence for it, then a Bentley Turbo R could be the right purchase for you.

These factors could also mean that the Bentley Turbo R may be more popular at auction. If ever there’s a time when you wish to change up your classic car collection, you may be able to rearrange things quickly.


Remaining with the British theme, perhaps the MGB is the right classic car for you? It can be fun to drive, and you may also think it looks marvellous in design if you can look past rubber bumpers.

Like the Triumph Spitfire, the MGB could also have more spare parts available on the market, potentially making it easier to run. It could take a lot of stress out of your period of ownership, especially during a time when many road users might struggle to keep their cars working.

If you have always wished to drive a British sports car, the MGB may suit you. It’s sometimes deemed as being one of the most popular classic cars, and so being the owner of one may come with additional kudos. That said, because auction announcements can be issued so far in advance, you can perhaps expect the MGB to be quite rare.

The same source above also mentions great MG club scenes. So, once again, this could be a classic car that can help you establish yourself in these settings and with these people.