6 Tips to Fix a Dent in Your Car

It does not matter how careful you are while driving or parking your car; dents are inevitable. Every car owner has to deal with dents at some point. But it is hard to accept when it happens to your brand-new car. So how can you fix this? Here are some tips and techniques for DIY dent removal.

 You can use a Plunger

You can use a plunger to remove small to medium size dents. First, you need to spread some water on the dent and on the plunger. Then you start pushing and pulling the plunger until the dent pops out. But remember, you need to use a cup plunger that is used for sinks. Don’t use a flange plunger which is used for toilets, that won’t work.

Hair drier and air compressor to fix plastic panels

This is a popular method to fix dents on plastic panels. You just need a hair drier and an air compressor.

First, you need to heat the dented area with the hair drier. Make sure you are using it at its highest temperature so that the plastic in the dented area expands. As soon as it gets enough hot, quickly use the compressed air on the dent plastic panel.  The cold air will help the plastic contract and the dent will pop out.

Boiling water method

This is another popular method to fix dents on cars. This method only works with plastic bumpers. As you know that plastic bumpers are very hard in nature, so it is difficult to push out the dent. This is where the boiling water method comes into play.

You need to spread hot boiling water on the bumper of the car. Once you pour, the water gets behind the bumper and pushes the dent out. Since the bumper plastic is hot and flexible it will soon pop out. You may need to do this method very fast and repetitively to remove the dent.

Dry Ice method

This method works on small and shallow dents. Dry ice is a good cooling agent. You need to hold the ice on the dent and rub it until the dent pops back out. This may take some time but the dent will definitely pop out. But remember always use safety gloves while handling dry ice.

Hot glue and dowel method

There are always risks associated with DIY dent removal. You may put another dent in the car or simply chip the paint of your car.

But there is a safe process to remove big dents by using hot glue, a wooden dowel and screws. First, you need to place two screws on two sides of the dowel. Then put hot glue on the bottom of the dowel and place it on the dent. Repeat this process until the dent is completely covered. Then, you can pull the dowel by the screws until the whole dent pops out.

Use special tools for dents

Now there are DIY dent removal tools available that can give you a professional result. You don’t have to buy them separately. You can simply buy a dent removal kit and the necessary tools will be there. These include a suction cup dent removal.


These are the 6 dent removal tricks that you can use to remove the dent from your car. However, not all of these tricks may work on your car. If the dent is big and deep, it is better to seek professional help.