Why Is Ford The Most Popular Car Make In The UK?


Anyone that goes out looking for a brand new or used car to buy will doubtless be aware that there is a veritable plethora of cars on the market from numerous manufacturers! Savvy car shoppers will often head to the World Wide Web in order to better research the shortlist of cars they are interested in buying.

One car manufacturer that often ticks all the boxes as far as customer requirements are concerned is Ford. The American car manufacturer has a number of different car and commercial van models that they produce for the UK and European markets. So what makes them such a popular carmaker?

Brand awareness

Arguably one of the reasons why Ford is so popular in Britain is the fact that everyone knows that they are an established automotive brand, both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

The Ford Motor Company was established in the UK back in 1909, around 6 years after Henry Ford established his company across the pond in Dearborn, Michigan.


According to Ford, they are the biggest car brand in the UK, with seven manufacturing locations and 550 franchised dealerships. The firm also states that it sells nearly half a million cars and commercial vehicles each year. They also say that over 35,000 people are directly employed in Britain, making them one of the UK’s largest employers.

Style and practicality

One of the things that Ford has managed to get right with the vast majority of the cars they build is the balance between style and practicality. For example, the Ford Transit van (and its predecessor, the Ford Thames van) is a popular sight on the streets of Britain. The Transit has been built since 1965, and up until recently was produced in the South East of England.
It is a popular van because it has attractive styling (both inside and out), and being a panel van is extremely practical. But the practicality does not stop with its commercial vehicles!

Two of the biggest-selling models that Ford produces is the Fiesta and the larger Focus. In fact, the Ford Focus has been Britain’s best-selling car since its launch in 1998. Writing this blog post reminds me of the time where I recently sold a chest of drawers to someone on eBay. It was quite bulky and extremely heavy, and I laughed as the person that came to collect it turned up in a 10-year old Ford Fiesta! However, the last laugh was on me when we both saw that it fitted into the back of it (with the seats down, obviously) with loads of room to spare! Taking a look at the car focused websites, I discovered comments from other Fiesta owners about how stylish and practical they are.


I won’t lie to you and say that the cost of brand new Ford cars is cheap because it is not. But on the second hand market, used Fords are extremely affordable and offer great value-for-money. Cost is obviously something that matters to many people in these post-recession days, so it makes sense to buy an affordable yet well-built and practical car from Ford.

Article written by Carvine, the poor credit car finance specialist.