The cheapest route to a brand new Audi

Audi S3

Because there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and because we’re huge fans of the German giant that is Audi, we decided to spend last weekend looking at the most affordable way to get hold of one. The answer… leasing.

We looked high and low for some of the best deals around and found that there were a few leasing providers who came out looking good. One that particularly caught our eye though was All Car Leasing who have an entire section dedicated to the manufacturer. Now, this wasn’t because their cars were always the cheapest – because they weren’t – but because of their great offers on high spec models (the S3 is currently available from £179.99 for example, you won’t find that anywhere else) and the fact that they advertise the entire range, from the A1 to the R8.


The Audi A6 has been available since 1994 and since then, there have been four major model releases. The latest model, released in 2011, is by far one of our favourites. Considered one of the most established models in the executive car category, it’s a huge rival of the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series.

With a quality interior and no complaints under the bonnet – with a whole engine lineup, there’s something for everyone – it’s everything you’d expect from a vehicle with the Audi badge on the bonnet.

A quality interior and the possibility of 552bhp under the bonnet (RS6 Avant) are joined in the winning lineup by shard looks and a great level of standard equipment including cruise control, Bluetooth, automatic lights, park assist and sat nav system.

All Car Leasing currently have the A6 2.0 TDI Ultra SE from just £167.36 a month.


We can’t tease you with the prospect of an S3 for under £180 a month without going into more detail. This is perhaps one of the best Audi deals we’ve ever seen, a 296bhp super-hot hatch this cheap is just unheard of, but anyhow…

The S3 is much more grown up than your standard hot hatch, but that’s because it’s anything but standard.

With a quality interior, a fantastic four-cylinder engine and 380Nm of torque, this is a car that really throws down the gauntlet in the hot hatch sector, making it clear that tacky plastics and boy-racer inspired body kits aren’t necessary to be one of the best in category. The S3 is therefore, the perfect choice if you’re looking for a hot hatch that can perform, but won’t attract unwanted attention.

The S3 is available with a multitude of gadgets and gismos but our favourite, by far, is the MMI Navigation system or, if you like novelty additions, the MMI Touch which allows you to write directly onto the screen – handy if you always struggle with the tiny sat nav qwerty.

For a car that races from 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds, it’s surprisingly economic too (43.5mpg combined) which leaves nothing unlikeable about this great addition to the German range.

All Car Leasing currently have the S3 TFSI Quattro 5dr S Tronic from £179.99 a month.

As we said, leasing is very much the cheapest way to get hold of a brand new car right now and on this site, a new Audi could be yours with a down payment of as little as £615. To find out more about these and other great deals in the Audi range, check out their website – you’d be mad not to.