Electric Range Rover on the horizon?

Electric Range Rover Concept
Electric Range Rover Concept


For some time, there have been rumours surrounding Jaguar Land Rover and their plans to make more electric vehicles. However, developments over the last 12 months have stepped things up a notch, and the concept of an electric Range Rover has never looked more realistic. In today’s article, we’ll round up some of these developments for you, and discuss Jaguar Land Rover’s possible next steps…

The electric revolution

Just this month, it’s been announced that the UK government wants to lead the way in battery technology throughout the automotive industry, and has pledged to put electric car development at the heart of its objectives, promising to inject £250million into this area’s research and development.

While this is great news for the automotive industry and cleaner-fuel campaigners across the world, Land Rover enthusiasts were more interested in the comments made by Ralf Speth, Chief Executive of Jaguar Land Rover. He claimed that, long-term, batteries will be used in “all cars”, adding: “We have to produce hybrid cars in the UK. From a pure, physical perspective, it would make sense to create the battery packs close to the assembly lines.”

The latest models

Whether this comment refers to cars that take the form of a hybrid or an all-electric vehicle remains to be seen, but this comment comes after Jaguar Land Rover released their first electric car at the end of last year. The I-Pace SUV, based on the Jaguar F-Pace, can drive for 500km on a single charge, and will be released to the public in 2018. Not only does it provide strong competition for the likes of Audi and Mercedes, but it tips the scales with the luxury mod-cons that the I-Pace offers.

Electric cars have always been considered as the next natural stage of the automotive industry, and Ian Callum, Design Director for Jaguar Land Rover clearly agrees, stating: “This will be Jaguar’s first battery-powered electric vehicle, and opens a new chapter in the history of our legendary brand.”

Cars of the future

Hold on though, what about a Range Rover model, the king of SUVs? Where’s the electrical version of this vehicle? Well, only a couple of months ago the all-new Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid Sport model was spotted out and about for testing, adding yet more fuel to the fire for those wondering where and when Range Rover will release that elusive electric car.

This car is projected to be released around 2019, but this isn’t the only development that has people speculating. It was also recently reported that Jaguar Land Rover have recently patented a number of model names that indicate a hybrid or electric car connection. Could the electric Range Rover now be on the horizon? Watch this space…

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