Smart is good!

Smart fortwo

An increasing number of drivers are becoming more concerned about the effects on the environment from fossil fuel emissions and their personal finances. In order to address these concerns, Daimler AG, the parent company for Mercedes, introduced the Smart car in 1994.

Smart fortwo


Since the 1990s the Smart car has grown in popularity. Running on diesel engines, though there are also electric and hybrid models, this company is constantly trying to cut down on its engine’s CO2 emissions and the ‘fortwo’ can boast 83.1 miles per gallon (mpg) and produces only 89 G/km of CO2.

This car’s low fuel consumption is recognised as innovative by the motor industry and recently received the Globe award from the Oko-Trend institute for Environmental Research.

Ease of use

The Smart car is adored by city dwellers, its compact size and low fuel costs make it an ideal choice for the tedium of urban stop start travel, especially with the car’s special adapted technology for fuel saving.

Smart’s high end BRABUS coupe has 55 mpg and is rated 119g/km for its CO2 emissions with the costs of running this model more than appealing.

Current road tax costs come to an affordable £30.00 per annum. These cars are small, the maximum number of passengers is still only two so it’s not the ideal model for a family journey but with a maximum speed of 95 mph it is perfect for any city slicker.

David Grohl and Simon Cowell have both been photographed behind the wheel of their Smart cars, though whether this indicates that the music industry is going Green is another matter.


Possibly the greenest and most cost-effective model in the Smart family is the Coupe Pulse. This car was introduced in 2012 and with a power output of 54bhp. This model is extremely cheap to run as owners will not have to pay any road tax or congestion charges, and the whole car is only 2695mm long. The car’s fastest speed is 85mph and diesel consumption works out at 86mpg.


Smart has garnered a strong reputation with its electric cars. The Smart ‘fortwo’ has a range of 87 miles and can go from 0-62mph in 11 seconds. This company is at the forefront of design and innovation for a greener environment and in a world with depleted fossil fuels this has to be a good thing.