The Changing Shape of Mercedes Benz

With their motorsport pedigree and reputation for building excellence it’s not hard to see why Mercedes remain one of the coolest car brands on the planet. Generally when you think of Mercedes it conjures up images of large, imperious and formidable saloons, which they still churn out, but Mercedes is no longer a one trick pony as they continuously expand their range of models whenever they can. Their marquee now serves up a diversity of cars available in each segment and we can easily group them into the following:

Premium Hatchbacks

The German car maker was quick to follow in the footstep of its compatriot Audi when they decided to take aim at the family hatchback market. The A-Class offers the kind of interior refinement, formidable looks and agility that you expect from Mercedes. The same features are all shrunken down into an entry-level model that brings premium quality, but on a much lower price tag. Add to this a frugal economy and a bucket load of desirability and you are left with a premium hatchback at the top of its class.

Mercedes SLK
Mercedes SLK

Mercedes were never going to fail in the convertible market with the ability to offer those head-turning looks and a retractable roof. It has the finest range of convertible all-rounders, including the SLK and the SL Class, which is possibly the best luxury convertible that money can buy. Unrivalled performance and exceptional refinement make these models coveted convertibles.

Exceptionally Executive

Don’t panic, Mercedes has not lost its vice-like grip on the executive car market; the C-Class is still the best looking compact-executive available and the E-Class epitomises what life in the back of a chauffeur driven saloon car should feel like. This is Mercedes’ bread and butter segment and they remain the champions of immensely powerful, yet economical powertrains that make them a firm favourite in this segment.

Agile SUVs

If squeezing the Mercedes styling into a hatchback shell was difficult then enlarging it for an SUV took the biscuit. The Mercedes M-Class offers all of the stately looks, impressive engine range and sumptuous interior refinement that you would want from a Mercedes, but on a much bigger scale. Mercedes’ move into the SUV market is similar to their stance in other segments; meaning if you want expert build quality, power and frugality with a luxury feel then the M-Class is designed to fit the bill.