5 Causes of Car Accidents

car accident
car accident

We’re used to hearing about car accidents on the news and as we scroll through social media. It’s safe to say that car accidents are sadly, very common with thousands of people being involved in them each year.

When you’re involved in an accident someone else caused, it is particularly difficult. You’re injured, in pain and worrying about your finances and yet it wasn’t your fault! If you have incurred medical bills, damage to your property or had to miss work as a result of your accident make sure you ask yourself where there is a good accident attorney near me and make sure you recover as many costs as you can.

So, what are the main reasons that car accidents happen? Here we’ll look at the 5 commonest causes.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving costs lives. People may think that glancing at their smartphone to check a notification is an innocent thing to do, however, it only takes a second for things on the road to completely change. Not only are electronic devices common in distracted driving cases, but other distractions such as music, other passengers (including children), looking at maps and even applying make-up whilst behind the wheel are other common reasons!

Driving under the influence

When you choose to drink and drive or take drugs and drive, you’re not just putting your own life in danger but the lives of others. Your reaction times are slower, your cognitive skills are also severely impaired and you take more risks.


Running late for work, failing to see what the speed limit actually is, or driving fast for a thrill. Driving at excessive speed kills thousands of motorists and pedestrians each year. The faster you drive, the slower your reaction time. You may not see that other vehicle before it’s too late. Its worth reminding yourself what the stopping distances are – see below.

Stopping Distances for a car
Stopping Distances for a car

Driving in poor weather conditions

Driving in fog, sleet, snow, heavy rain and even blinding sunlight without due care and attention can cause accidents. A good driver will adapt their driving to the conditions around them, that means slowing down in the rain, not tailgating in the snow and wearing sunglasses on a sunny day!

Driving at night

Driving at night is a whole different experience when compared to driving in the day. Which is why accidents are common. Your visibility is severely reduced, hazards are harder to spot especially in areas where street lighting is poor.