6 Simple Ways To Maximise Your Car Resale Value

Maximise your cars sale value
Maximise your cars sale value

To sell or not to sell? That is the question asked by drivers everywhere after a few years of owning the same car.

There are many factors motivating us to keep our vehicles up to date such as enjoying the benefits of the latest technology and ensuring efficiency, despite the significant cost involved in regularly replacing your car. Even if you prefer to drive the same vehicle for as long as possible until it is no longer roadworthy, there will be some occasions where you need to sell your car sooner than expected – and needless to say you will want to sell it for the highest price possible.

In some cases, there are really easy ways to maximize the value of your vehicle. For example, if you have a Ford car then getting a Ford key replacement or spare key can hike the price immediately. However, did you know some of the other simple hacks you can implement to up the value of your car?

Whether you want to sell a recent popular model or a car that has been around the block a few times, you can get a great price for your vehicle by taking these simple steps to maximise your car resale value.

Get a service

It goes without saying that people are more likely to buy a car if it is reliable and well-maintained. Before putting it up for sale, book a car service with a quality provider so you can prove high standards of safety and functionality. During your ownership, make sure to do regular services and MOT tests to minimise the chance of serious problems, and keep a record to show potential buyers that the vehicle has been well-cared for.

Repair minor damage

Although it will incur a charge, it is worth fixing minor issues such as windscreen chips, peeling paintwork, small dents, and expiring lights. These non-essential improvements are relatively low cost to you but will have a dramatic effect on improving the car’s resale value. Scrapes and dents should be tackled by a professional however small marks, chips and scratches can be repaired yourself with touchup pens, see below.

Keep mileage low

While not possible for everyone, try to keep your mileage reasonably low. Having fewer miles on the
clock is most important to potential buyers, above other key factors like the car’s age. Low mileage indicates minimal wear-and-tear and suggests that there is plenty of life in the old vehicle yet.

Drive carefully

During your years of owning the car it is important to prioritise careful driving. A car without a history of accidents and major repair work is far more appealing to a used car buyer. If you have had a bump or a scrape get it professionally repaired. It doesn’t cost much and makes sure your car is protected from the elements.

Protect from the elements

Your car is as susceptible to the weather as your skin: sunlight will fade and dry out the paintwork; wind and hail can leave pockmarks and dents, and rain and salt residue will rust the metal. Park inside when possible and avoid leaving your car exposed to extreme elements such as snow.

Clean it!

Like selling a house, having a clean and tidy car leads to a quicker sale. People are more likely to choose a vehicle that looks as good as new rather than one that is obviously pre-owned. Take the time to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your car to remove all possible traces of use. Specialist products for revamping the wheels/alloys and paintwork can transform the look of a car. Below you can see the improvement to the paintwork that is possible simply by using a product like T-cut.