Get battery support with a routine car service

AJ Automedics delivers battery support in conjunction with routine service, fault finding and repair, thanks to CTEK’s PRO25SE

AJ Automedics is a successful automotive workshop established 2010, which, through a lot of commitment and hard work from the team of expert technicians has earned an excellent reputation for honest, reliable garage services in Durham and throughout the North East of England and even has regular customers from Europe.

AJ Automedics are proud to be part of the Autocare network of carefully selected garages, meaning that the team of technicians have access to regular Autocare training, and are experts in working on all makes and models of vehicle.

The business has a large purpose-built workshop, fully-equipped with an MOT testing facility, with the capability and equipment to be able to repair and service all makes and models of cars and commercial vehicles. The facility also has the capacity to cater for large vehicles such as mini-buses, motorhomes, caravans, ambulances, trucks and horseboxes.

AJ Automedics are also Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA), they have been assessed against a set of standards for automotive workshops which recognise a business’ excellence in the electric vehicle sector. This EVA badge of approval gives peace of mind that you, as a consumer, are dealing with an expert in the electric vehicle sector. The team consists of technicians with the qualifications, skills and knowledge to service and repair hybrid and electric vehicles.

Late in 2023 the business acquired a CTEK PRO25SE, capable of delivering up to 25A of battery support power in the workshop, along with fully automatic 8-step charging and maintenance, and 6M cable for maximum flexibility. Previously having used an older alternative, the workshop was on the lookout for a more reliable battery support unit to ensure a stable power source for vehicle’s electrical systems during routine servicing and repairs.

James Colling, Owner of AJ Automedics said: “Diagnostic tests and reprogramming procedures can put a strain on the battery, especially if they require extended periods of time. By connecting a reliable battery support unit, it helps maintain a consistent power supply and prevents the battery from displaying ghost faults, and being drained in the process.

“It is a safety net for the workshop. If the battery is faulty then there is an opportunity to talk to the customer and either recharge the battery, or replace it with a new one. It is added value to the customer if the workshop can give the tips and advice that will extend the life of the battery, and of course it is good business for the workshop to be able to make a charge for this value added service.”

CTEK’s PRO products are ideal for use in the professional workshop. They have a stable voltage and protect against de-rating. The battery support units are compatible with all types of 12V batteries and have automatic parallel load compensation. They are equipped with a fully automatic 8-step charging process to support the workshop during service work and a dedicated Supply mode, to provide a constant power supply during diagnostics

About the PRO25SE

PRO25SE has been designed to be easily carried around or fixed with the supplied wall hanger, so it’s always ready. It’s easy to use with a reliable 12V power supply for code reading, circuit testing and fault finding. The constant supply also ensures that the vehicle’s data isn’t lost and prevents any damage to sensitive electronics or the vehicle’s ECUs. PRO25SE offers fully automatic 8-step charging and maintenance for all lead-acid batteries, including lithium*. It has automatic temperature compensation for ambient temperature in conditions between -20°C and +50°C (-4°F to +122°F). It also features automatic parallel load compensation which makes sure that power supply voltage and amperage are always constant and correct, even if the battery has an additional load placed on it during diagnostic work. *) 12V lithium batteries (LiFePO4, Li-Fe, Li-iron, LFP)


Up to 25A of battery support

12V power supply support for code reading, electrical circuit testing and fault finding

Fast, fully automatic 8-step charging

‘RECOND’ step for to bring deeply discharged lead-acid batteries back to life

Supplied with heavy duty 6m charging cables and mounting kit

Charger type: 8-step, fully automatic charging cycle

Work with all 12V battery types, including Lithium* (LiFePO4)

Low 2V start up voltage for charging

Extremely low ripple

Automatic parallel load compensation

Automatic temperature compensation

Degree of protection: IP44

Warranty: 2 years

Accessories: optional BUMPER 300 silicone protector

For more information about the PRO25SE, please visit