A game-changer in car battery care!

Boost Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and More!

CTEK Ready is a game-changer for vehicle shops and dealerships, designed to increase their profits and enhance their customers’ experience. The CTEK READY AUTOMOTIVE kit is made for shops and dealerships focusing on cars and contains 50 pcs CONNECT EYELET M8 and 50 pcs CTEK READY stickers.

The CTEK CONNECT EYELET features CTEK’s unique CONNECT system so it can be quickly attached to a CTEK charger and provide easy access to the battery. This simplifies the charging process, both while the vehicle is in the showroom and for the customer when the vehicle is sold. By adding a CTEK READY sticker the vehicle owner is reminded of the need to charge, helping them improve battery health, which reduces battery warranty claims for the vehicle dealership.


With the increased number of electronic components in modern vehicles, a lot of strain is put on the battery.  Regularly charging the vehicle battery has become essential to make it work properly and last longer. In fact – research shows that regularly charging your vehicle battery with a smart battery charger significantly reduces the risk of a battery breakdown and prolongs the lifespan of the battery, compared to only recharging with the alternator.


Embracing the CTEK Ready concept can have a significant positive impact on any automotive business, increasing sales and building customer relationships. Here are some of the benefits:

• Elevate Customer Experience:

– Provide a hassle-free charging solution to your customers, making their lives easier and ensuring their batteries are always ready to go.

• Increase Sales and Profit:

– Sell more battery chargers with every vehicle purchase, increasing your bottom line.

• Reduce Warranty Claims:

– Improved battery health means fewer warranty claims, saving you money and boosting your reputation.

• Competitive Edge:

– Stand out from the competition by offering a proactive solution that keeps your customers’ vehicles in peak condition.

• Simplify Showroom Maintenance:

– Easy and quick connection to the vehicle battery simplifies charging, helping you keep the battery in perfect condition on showroom vehicles. For more information on CTEK READY Automotive visit CTEK READY AUTOMOTIVE | ctek.com