The Best Way to Cut Petrol Costs

Drive carefully to save fuel

The current price of petrol regularly makes the news, every time there is a steep rise in the price we get media hype portraying stories of people stealing from petrol stations or having to give up their car due to price hikes. The good news is you don’t have to go to these extremes as there are quite simple ways that can cut the amount of petrol your car uses.

Choosing the Right Car

Many car supermarkets stock efficient fuel economic cars and if you’ve been considering buying a used car then make sure you pick a model that sips at the petrol pump rather than gulps it. There is no point worrying about colour or design when the cars’ fuel economy can be the difference between saving hundreds of pounds annually or forking out at the pumps. Car supermarkets and dealerships now outline a cars’ economy online, so it is easy to do some simple research before you decide on which make, model or engine size you want.

Drive carefully to save fuel

Driving Economically

Adopting frugal driving habits can save on average around eight per cent of your annual fuel bills. In order to save fuel drivers should try to negate sharp braking and acceleration in traffic jams; while anticipating gaps and stoppage when in queues can also lower consumption. Turning off the air conditioning and opening the windows instead can also dramatically reduce the amount of fuel used.

Seeking Out the Best Prices

Everyone loves a bargain and we’ll travel miles to find one on all items, so why not do the same with petrol? There are a host of websites and apps that will log all the petrol prices in your area and direct you to the cheapest supplier. If you have attention to detail and good memory then simply lookout for the fuel prices around your town and make a mental note to go to fill up at the cheapest one the next time you are in the area.

Checks Before You Set Off

Weight is a real killer when it comes to fuel consumption, so all that excess stuff you have floating around the back of the car or the boot can add to the costs. Clearing out your car before you drive next can cut the weight of your vehicle and in turn reduce your fuel spending. Moreover, always check your tyre pressures as underinflated tyres and cause drag which will require more fuel consumption to get the car moving.

Car Sharing

Many organisations are in favour of going greener and car sharing with colleagues or friends to and from work not only does your bit for the environment but can also help with fuel costs. You can all contribute towards the cost on a week by week basis if only one car is used or by rotating cars you are able reduce wear and tear. However you decide to do it, car sharing is a great way to cut down on petrol spend.

These are only a few of the ways you can actively reduce the amount of petrol your car uses and many more sources will be able to provide other helpful hints and tips. Be sure to keep these and other pieces of advice in your mind when you drive and you will be able to keep your wallet as full as your tank.