BMW Announce 4 wheel drive variants of 3 Series

Bmw 3 Series coming to the UK with 4 wheel drive

The BMW 3 series is a firm favourite with car fanatics and its increasing popularity grows day by day. The BMW3 series is a huge seller in the UK with many believing its success is down to the rear wheel chassis which creates a fantastic driving experience. You may be surprised to know that four wheel drive has been available on the 3 series for a decade now across the continent. However they have never been sold in the UK until now. This is apparently down to the the fact that it would confuse the brands rear-drive proposition.

The four wheel drive will come with an additional cost of around £1,500 more than the standard rear-wheel drive variants. BMW will be selling a variant of the 3 series range with their XDrive four wheel drive system. An example of this would be the 320i, 330d & the 320d which will have a four wheel drive option for both saloon and touring body styles.

Bmw 3 Series coming to the UK with 4 wheel drive

Will the four wheel drive add to the cars on-road ability? Well if you are a spirited driver and you like the feel a bit of understeer or the back end ‘go out’ then this new 4 wheel drive variant probably wont appeal to you. If however, you are like the majority of drivers and like a good handling car that is also safer in snow, ice and loose surfaces then you will welcome this new option. This system will add around 75kg extra weight with 60% of the power still coming from the rear wheels for normal driving.

You will feel the main benefit of this new system during the winter months. If the car feels a lack of traction due to poor road conditions, it switches the torque to the wheels that can grip the road. This is a massive advantage when driving on patches of snow and ice. It’s important to note that you still get the high levels of comfort and driving experience as you do with the standard models. The car exterior and interior won’t change and equipment levels will stay the same with the normal selection of pricey extras.

The new system is on sale now with the saloons from around £27,735 and the touring from £29,535. Ok you have to pay a little extra for the four wheel drive but it’s definitely worth the money. Adding the XDrive with a new set of winter tyres is something every 3 series owner should consider this winter. Always make sure to keep your 3 series well maintained with regular checks and car servicing available at Bristol Street Motors Northampton.