Driveway Parking and How to Use It

London is not the only major city in the world to suffer from parking issues, but here, just like other major cities, solutions seem to be in short supply and therefore, the hassle of parking and driving in London is a fact.

People are encouraged to use trains and the tube, along with the buses. Some commuters have taken to their bikes, and although this relieves some of the problem, it places more pressure on infrastructures that are struggling to keep pace with demand.

In addition, taking the tube or catching the train may be only part of the journey someone has to make every morning. There may be a considerable distance to cover from their home to the nearest station, and with property prices in the capital being eye-wateringly high, very few people can afford to live there. They can rarely afford to live in suburbs within a 50-mile radius either…

Parking, your street and problems

Flared tempers and arguments are all too common when people in residential streets close to main commuter stations confront others over inconsiderate parking.

But there is a solution – renting out your driveway.

Your own driveway may be a drop in the ocean but if everyone along your street did it, it may just help to solve the problem of blocked driveways and cars parked on pavements and grass verges, not to mention leaving you a lot better off financially.

But why turn to a company?

Sure, you could walk on up to a commuter attempting to squeeze their Mercedes into a space big enough for a Fiat 500 and make a deal; in exchange for a crisp £10, they can park their pride and joy on your driveway (and for an extra £5 they can pop it in the garage). Add on a few quid and you’ll have a cup of tea waiting for them.

But there are questions like insurance, and those ‘what if…’ scenarios. It may be that you are undercharging for renting your driveway as you are relatively close to the capital. Or maybe you are also conveniently located to a major sporting or event venue. When there is a big concert or fixture on nearby, the spot on your driveway or in your garage could become a prime piece of parking heaven and a professional company can help you capitalise on this.

By using a reputable company to help hire out your driveway, you can be confident that all bases are covered. There are terms and conditions agreed and a fair price too. Plus, you don’t have to find people to rent your driveway – they’ll come to you!