Hire a Supercar … Drive the Dream!

Supercar Hire

True motor enthusiasts rarely find much excitement in the everyday vehicles offered by today’s automotive giants. Even the more technically advanced of such cars tend to focus heavily on features which simply dull the driving experience with luggage space, headroom and vehicle taxation class taking precedence over driver involvement, fun and downright one-upmanship! Thankfully there are still some cars designed to appeal to the heart rather than the head and the super-rich are able to indulge in the purchase of so-called supercars. Many of these are incredibly powerful, slipper-shaped, and stand little more than waist high. Accommodation may be rather cramped and load space limited (many can only carry a Mars Bar and packet of Polo mints … but probably not both at the same time!) but they can be jaw-droppingly beautiful with an engine note that raises goosebumps.

For most drivers these iconic automotive masterpieces may seem completely unobtainable but some far-sighted companies have realised that it makes perfect sense to add such cars to their rental fleets. There is always a strong demand for luxury and prestige cars and it seems that the rarer a particular model is, the more desirable it becomes. Of course hiring a supercar is quite a different matter to the more usual types of car rental. Most car hire, whether for business or personal use, concentrates on the practicalities of choosing the most suitable car at the best possible price but at this top end of the market, car driving is elevated to its rightful position of being a highly enjoyable experience.

Newcomers to this type of car hire may at first feel that the hire charges are expensive but a closer look at the financial implications show that this is one of the most cost-effective ways of regularly driving some of the world’s finest and rarest cars. By comparison, buying one of these incredible cars may appear to be an attractive proposition to those fortunate enough to be financially able to do so and there is no denying the great pride of owning a piece of automotive history but most supercars are reserved for special occasions rarely being used in the winter or inclement weather therefore taking to the roads relatively infrequently, perhaps for a few fine weekends, each year. All cars have running costs and those associated with the more exotic machinery are inevitably higher than most. The typical supercar buyer therefore pays an extremely high price per mile usually much more than that paid by the supercar hirer. Those who choose to hire a supercar also have the added advantage of being able to choose a different model for their next hire.

Supercar hire is suitable for various different scenarios. Those from overseas visiting the UK for business reasons may opt for such a car to use during their relatively short time in the country or perhaps a special weekend trip may call for a suitably elegant mode of transport. Special occasions such as weddings certainly deserve a memorable car and, when the making of a grand entrance is required, what could be better than turning up in one of these glorious cars. It would certainly be the talking point of any school prom. Although there is no hard and fast definition of what constitutes a supercar, in addition to sports cars, luxury saloons are also highly in demand and for those looking for a nostalgic trip in the country, a classic car can provide the timeless charm of bygone years.

So whatever the reasons for choosing to hire a supercar, the next step is to find a trusted hire company offering the right type of cars. Most of the well known vehicle hire firms now feature luxury and prestige cars in their ranges and for many people, particularly if there is a branch nearby, this may seem to be the obvious choice. These companies are well established and very much a known quantity. Those seeking truly rare cars may prefer to seek out a hire company specialising in this type of car. Such companies are most frequently found in and around London but some have branches in other parts of the UK with many offering a delivery service with the chosen car being dropped off at a residential or business address. Most hire companies are completely trustworthy with their business depending on repeat bookings and customer recommendations but, before taking delivery of a car, it is always recommended to thoroughly inspect it, taking note and preferably photographs of any blemishes, no matter how small, bringing them to the attention of the hiring company to eliminate the possibility of being subjected to any excess charges when returning the car.

Supercars may be the things of dreams but now it is possible to turn dreams into reality. By hiring a supercar, “If only” becomes, “I can!”

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