Real-time GPS Tracking

real time gps tracking
Real-time GPS Tracking, Image Credit: Rewire Security

Improving Safety of Field Employees

Global Satellite Positioning System (GPS) was originally developed for military use, but have grown to be much more than that over the years. GPS trackers come in different size and shapes, for tracking assets, vehicle and individuals.The portable GPS devices come with a built-in battery and can be considered as a tech gadget that provides personal safety. A personal tracker’s most crucial use is making sure you never lose track of someone you love, and among the easiest locations for that to happen is in a foreign country. Personal tracking offers real-time location and could be used anywhere in the world where there is a GSM signal. Therefore it is the best option if your executive staff does a lot of travelling around the world.

personal gps tracking
Personal GPS Tracking, Image Credit: Rewire Security

Many businesses are using personal GPS tracking system while travelling globally. Commercial use of a personal GPS tracker is it’s useful for a teenager or college student studying in another country. Members of the family can feel safe in knowing the location of the student by using our mapping software GPSLive to spot the specific location the student is and that they are exactly where they should be at that time. With the use of the geofence function offered through the mapping software, anyone with a GPS software access can create a virtual fencing and set alerts to be informed through email or SMS if the GPS tracking device has moved into or departed a specific location. Family journeys are also a good scenario where GPS tracking products prove useful. These devices allow family members not only get a feel for the travelling experience you are having but also to find out you are safe and sound! GPS tracking routes can even be an excellent tool for creating a memory space of your family adventures.

Figuring out where your son or daughter is and giving them the space they want, while they are going through the adolescent ages may be difficult without the help of a real-time GPS tracking system. It could be an excellent tool in constructing a close relationship with your kid without overcrowding them.

real time gps tracking
Real-time GPS Tracking, Image Credit: Rewire Security

Besides personal travelling, businesses with their employees travelling abroad demand an advanced of safety for their executive staff. By using a modern and reliable personal GPS tracking solution, companies are better capable of handling any scenarios that may arise in an unpredictable or unfriendly country. Rewire Security’s personal GPS vehicle tracker products possess a built-in panic button when pressed the device will contact or text message up to 10 different pre-set individuals. Rewire Security’s personal GPS trackers will work globally using Global M2M data sim cards. We have now customers that have executive teams travelling all around the world,  and checking their exact location is very simple using GPSLive mapping software.

Personal GPS Trackers are Suitable for;

  • Security Officers, Security Guards
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Social Workforce
  • Health Workers (Doctors, District Nurses)
  • Shipping And Delivery Employees
  • Bike Messengers
  • Government Property Surveyors
  • Individuals living abroad

In the modern world and business-oriented environment, personal GPS Tracking Solutions prove useful at assisting in securing workers who are employed in risky locations, particularly workers who are vulnerable to an attack.

In the last a few years, GPS Tracking devices have grown to be very popular and cost-effective. Lots of individuals who travel away from cities are carrying them. Cars come fitted with GPS devices for dealing with city roads and motorways. Smartphones have small GPS receivers built-in inside. And in case you do not have a GPS receiver of some sort, it’s possible to go out on the internet and print out a map of exactly where you would like to go. As more and more people are going foreign countries for work, it has become a bit of important to get the very best electronic gadget to assist them to get from one point to another with ease.

If you are using a GPS tracking software and personal tracking devices along with it, you will be able to locate your staff anytime, anywhere in the world and location data is recorded for the past 6 months. Your field employees are your most expensive assets. Sustaining their health and safety while improving their productiveness and corporate interaction is important to your financial success. Personal GPS Tracking allows you to easily track the real-time activity of field employees.