Honda Jazz Review

Honda Jazz Dash Design

Honda Jazz: Intelligent and Creative Design

The Honda Jazz is one of the most creative and intelligently designed superminis on the road. With over 250,000 units sold, we take a look at why the Honda Jazz has become one of the UK’s most popular small cars among those who prize practicality, but have an unquenchable thirst for the unconventional.

Safety and Reliability

Honda, as an organisation, seem to understand that their target market value safety and reliability. With this in mind, the Honda Jazz delivers outstandingly in both areas.

From a safety perspective, the Honda Jazz obtained a five-star safety rating from the Euro NCAP tests, in part thanks to the Jazz’s six integrated airbags and ISOFIX child seat anchor points, which come as standard. And when it comes to reliability, the Honda Jazz also exceeds expectations, receiving a 100 per cent test score for reliability in the 2012 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey.

It is the Jazz’s ability to effortlessly blend safety and reliability that has contrived to create solid foundations upon which Honda has successfully built a beacon of creativity.

Innovative Internal Storage

While the Honda Jazz may be safe and reliable, the car’s creative design is what truly sets it apart from its peers.

The rear seats of the Honda Jazz fold flat, with the touch of a button, which, in addition to the car’s 399 litre boot, help to give the Jazz the most spacious interior in its class and enough storage room to compete with most small family hatchbacks. In addition, the 1.4 petrol models offer a two-tier design that allows you to separate heavy duty and delicate items.

Honda Jazz Dash Design


The Honda Jazz is designed specifically with the comfort of its passengers in mind. Unlike other cars on the market, the exterior of the Jazz is intelligently designed in order to maximise the available interior space.

In terms of its interior, the Jazz offers the driver excellent all-around visibility, while the dashboard and central console are designed to be easily accessible and intuitive, with all of the most frequently used controls within a short reach of the steering wheel.

The Honda Jazz’s unusually tall interior, furthermore, gives the driver and passengers plenty of leg and headroom, while fully leathered upholstery is an option if you’re in search of an altogether more luxurious driving experience.


Continuing the theme of practical, yet effective, design, the Honda Jazz is blessed with a noticeably shorter nose and rear end than many cars in its class, which translates into an exceptionally tight turning circle, making small car parking spaces easily accessible; a welcome innovation for the shoppers among Honda’s customer base.


While the petrol powered models have their own unique charm, the hybrid version is where the Honda Jazz truly comes into its own. The hybrid’s battery-powered motor improves the performance of the Jazz, making it the quickest and most efficient model in the series.

With all this intelligent and creative design coming as part of the package, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Honda Jazz would be a tad on the expensive side. While it may not be the cheapest model in its class, there are, however, some exceptional car offers available, which makes the Honda Jazz a truly savvy investment for those looking for a car that effortlessly blends intelligence, practicality and creativity.

Author: Chris Anderson