Jaguar Coupe F Type review

Jaguar F Type


The Jaguar F Type is perhaps the best looking car of 2013, and it is arguably the best looking Jaguar to have ever been made. Okay, okay, so the classic E Type has more charm, and it’ll draw more looks from people in the know, but the aggressive styling of the F Type is just something to behold. Whatever model you buy, you are treated to a svelte design, compact dimensions, fat dual or quad rear exhausts and gorgeous alloy wheels. The way in which the F Type looks when parked is phenomenal, and despite its compact shape, it has considerable road presence that will scare off many cars from ‘having a go’.

Jaguar F Type

Reviewers have already praised the F Type for the way it drives, which is to say it’s wonderful on the move – the lowest specification F Type model has a supercharged V6 engine that develops a splendid 336 bhp. The V6 S takes things further with 375 bhp and the top of the line V8 S develops a staggering 489 bhp – that’s supercar territory, and it costs just £79,950!

Whatever F Type you buy, all of them are blistering.

Inside, the F Type wraps around you like your favourite jumper. The seats, the door cards, the steering wheel, the centre console and the rear details are all leather lined, and the centre console fascia is aluminium with lots of gloss black plastics – in the F Type, you really do feel like you are sitting somewhere incredibly special. The driving position is low and the fantastic sports seats hug you with great support.

Start the engine, put the F Type in to Drive, and you can bet your bank balance that teenagers and children will stare and gawp when you roll past.

Soon Jaguar is to release a Coupe version of the F Type, which will be more expensive than the soft top version. Due to the extra rigidity, this car is expected to be a top choice for motorists who like to visit the track every now and again. The Coupe is set to go on sale in 2014 and it will be available with all of the F Type roadsters engines.


With prices starting from £58,500, the Jaguar F Type sits in-between a Porsche Cayman and Porsche 911. It is better looking than both of those cars, and for me it is a better drive too. The interior is as classy as the exterior and due to being fitted with a wonderful 8-speed Quickshift gearbox, it is incredibly involving to drive at the limit.

If I had one complaint, it would be the price… the F Type is so good that every car enthusiast should be able to have one. It really is a cruel world.