Bundles of Joy with an MPV

Picking the right family vehicle is never a clear-cut decision as some days you may fancy a uniquely-styled saloon or an elegant estate. It all depends on what mood you are in when you look at your current set of wheels. You may have overlooked the people carrier but if you have a new member of the family crying out at all times of the night it may be just what you need. Thus the multi-purpose vehicle market was born and it has grown to become one of the automotive industries leading segments with huge sales figures rising year on year. Still not convinced? Then hopefully these reasons will prompt you to consider the range of MPVs available at your local dealership.

Reasonable Road Manners

Your needs may require sensible family transport but it does not mean you can’t bag a reasonable ride with a great drive too. Car makers like Ford, Vauxhall and Skoda know that just because you have become parents it doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun when driving. Options from these manufacturers are more carlike so as to appeal to those still hankering after the racing edge. Practicality no longer means compromising on the driving agility. The Ford Galaxy boasts advanced technology and elegant design, the Vauxhall Zafira is roomy and the Skoda Roomster promises secure handling; each of these car styled MPVs will give you both the feel of a people carrier with the speed you need.

Skoda Roomster

Technically Advanced

Only when you find yourself trying to load flat pack furniture into your car in an IKEA car park do you appreciate the clever ideas that are tirelessly put into MPV design. Where you struggle for loading space in an estate or have little interior room in a hatchback you’ll find no such trouble with an MPV. Little touches like the sliding of double-hinged doors, removable appendages and high-rise openings all make light work of loading cargo on board.

Versatility and Endless Practicality, Inside the Cabin

When you have a large family you know that things never seem to run to time or quite go the way you were expecting. This is where the genius of an MPV really shines through by offering unrivalled practicality, flexibility and versatility to do whatever you like from within the cabin. You can move, put down or even take out seats to trade passenger seating for cargo space whenever you need it. Not to mention the sheer number of cubby holes and storage spaces that allow you to take everything you might need and more on your next road trip or expedition to your local supermarket.

Whatever you need it to be, an MPV can manage it better than an estate or a saloon and this is why they have become so popular amongst the family car buying masses. Don’t forget to get your stick figure family and “baby on board” sign placed in the rear window!