Land Rover Evoque Review

Land Rover Evoque

The Land Rover Evoque has been seen by many as the most exciting new car of 2011. The ‘baby’ Land Rover has been a huge hit in Europe. The cross coupe is the most fuel efficient SUV Land Rover have ever launched and in my eyes the most beautiful.

Land Rover Evoque

With the new Land Rover looking to become a popular hit in Europe it seems rumours are rife with regards to where the brand will go next with the car and the most interesting rumour so far is that we could see a convertible version in the very near future. Just by looking at the Evoque you can see that it would easily suit the idea of a fabric retractable roof and would also help open it to markets such as the US.

Auto Express, a motoring news and review website, approached Land Rover about this idea and it wasn’t close to being denied. A spokesperson for the company hinted:

“A convertible Evoque wouldn’t be the maddest brand extension. It isn’t a totally crazy idea. All I can say is watch this space. We’ve got lots of ideas for the Evoque.”

The New Land Rover goes on sale in September and can be found in several models, firstly three and five door models will be released at the September date. A new special edition of the Evoque will also be released in 2012, with a unique interior designed by Victoria Beckham. Prices for the September models will start at £27,955 with the coupe version available for around £44,000.

Reviews have been hitting the web and print rather rapidly and very few have a bad word to say about the new car. Many reviewers see it as the new car for the Fulham/Cheshire house wife type, replacing the likes of the Audi TT and Mini. By all means the car is a rather big step away from what Land Rover are known for but it seems like this car is going to be one of the most exciting prospects for 2011 and it’s expected to sell very well in Europe and if the Convertible version does come to light this car should be on track to sell extremely well around the globe.