Must Have 4th Gen Mustang Cobra Mods

Mustang Cobra
Mustang Cobra

1994 marked the 30th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. It also brought about the introduction of the fourth generation. The ’94 Mustang was built using a new SN-95/Fox4 Platform. Ford claimed that 1,330 of the 1,850 parts had been changed. The Mustang was different and drove differently.

The 4th Generation Mustang Cobra’s structure was more rigid. Ford’s redesigned SVT Mustang Cobra featured a 5.0L V-8 motor that could generate 240 horsepower.

For the third time, the vehicle was chosen to be the Indianapolis 500 pace car. Convertible and coupe models were still available, but the Mustang lineup dropped the hatchback body style. If you want your Mustang to drive more like the race version, here are some modifications you can consider. 

1.0 Performance Modifications

1.1 Transmission

  • T-45 transmission – Introduced in 1996, the T45 five-speed transmission remained in production through 2001.
  • 4R70W transmission – Although the 4R70W upgrade is powerful, it’s important to not overload this transmission. It has a limit on its power and torque.

1.2 Suspension

Low suspension can improve cornering, and brake drive, and allow you to tear down straight tracks at all speeds thanks to your intake system or supercharger. This is the cherry on top of your Mustang mod cake.

1.3 Exhaust Systems

Performance exhaust systems allow your car’s exhaust gases to flow more easily, allowing your engine to burn more fuel and produce more power. This increased rate of escape allows your car to growl with the intense volume that only a muscle car can achieve. Magnaflow offers some amazing performance exhaust parts.

1.4 Cold Air and Intake

Cold air intakes allow cool, dense air to flow into your engine at higher rates, which allows for a greater amount of horsepower. You must replace the airbox in your Mustang with a cold intake if you want to make it a true Mustang. 

A cold air intake for a Mustang

Make sure you choose the right cold air intake! Your engine will run more efficiently, and you’ll have a better throttle response. There are many options that don’t require tuning if you don’t want to tune your engine. A tuned cold air intake will give you the same power gains. 

1.5 Superchargers

A properly tuned cold-air intake and powerful exhaust system can give you great performance gains. The supercharger’s impeller/impellers are driven through your motor’s belt drive to provide an instant, massive power boost. Whipple Superchargers are the best, but there are many other amazing options, such as Vortech. A supercharger is essential if you want to hit the track or street and win the gold.

2.0 Appearance Modifications

2.1 Window Louvers

You can make your pony look as authentic as the 60s and 70s with side scoops, as well as by adding quarter and rear window louvers. These Mustang modifications give your car a stylish, sharp look that will make you stand out whether you’re driving around town or on the track.

Window louvers on a Mustang

2.2 Front Bumper & Chin Spoiler

A chin spoiler is a small piece of plastic that sits below the bumper. This will give your Mustang a more aggressive look and make it stand out from the rest. 

Your Mustang’s reputation on the track will be obvious from the spoiler. You may want to replace your front bumper if your Mustang is more distinctive than others. 

2.3 Side Scoops

Although these Ford Mustang modifications haven’t been in use since the 1966 Shelby GT350, they are a classic muscle car design. These modifications are a great aesthetic choice for Shelby fans, regardless of what Mustang they’re sporting.

A side scoop, this one is carbon fiber

2.4 Rear Spoilers

Rear spoilers add the same aggressive edge to your car’s back as a chin spoiler does to the front. These Mustang modifications will make your pony stand out from the rest.