Drive Your Automotive Sales With Call Tracking

Car Sales Call Tracking
Car Sales Call Tracking

To be a worthy competitor in the automotive industry, you need to ensure your business is consistently driving sales.

The most desired outcome of every customer journey is a sale conversion. If your business creates the most effective marketing strategies for every point of engagement, this can drive a customer to make a sale.

Apply this individual journey to a vast number of customers, and your overall sales revenue will drastically increase, yielding opportunities for further business development and an optimal return on investment (ROI).

With sales being such a crucial aspect of your business, you’ll want to make sure that you’re increasing them in the best way possible. This is where you’ll need expert call tracking software.

This article will take you through the various ways that call tracking software can help refine your business marketing, and elevate your sales.

Identify customer needs

The most important thing to consider when driving sales is the customer’s needs. In order to make sales, you must be providing a product or service that embodies everything your customers want from an automotive business.

To identify these needs, you can use call tracking. The software provides extensive reports which can help you create a clear customer journey map, detailing every touchpoint that a customer visits before, during, and after a call.

This will show you the touchpoints that customers are engaging with most, which can reveal their needs to you, such as:
● Pages they’re visiting on your website.
● Specific content they’re downloading.
● Actions they’re taking, like filling out feedback forms, for example.

If you see that customers are mostly interacting with webpages surrounding vehicle specifications, this could mean that customers are looking for cars with high-quality specifications.

You also can use speech analytics to analyse call conversations. This will record and transcribe every customer call, as well as pick up any relevant keywords spoken in the conversation. This is a perfect way to identify customer needs directly from the source. If speech analytics is recognising keywords such as ‘pricing’ and ‘payment’, it can reveal that customers are needing a business with the most competitive market prices.

Once you’ve identified your customers’ needs, you can adapt your business to meet these needs, such as through product or communication development, for example.

You can also alter the content of your marketing campaigns, to make it clear to customers how you can effectively meet their needs. As a result, your sales can begin to see a significant increase.

More effective marketing campaigns

Marketing is a key component in increasing sales since it helps generate customer leads and conversions.

By using call tracking tools, such as the source flow report, you can see the main areas of engagement throughout every customer journey. This includes the touchpoints that are generating the most phone leads, as well as those that aren’t.

In response, you can delegate more of your marketing budget towards developing the touchpoints that have the most interaction – such as social media posts, for example. Once you enhance these automotive marketing strategies, you’ll see even more lead generation from these touchpoints, as they’re the customer’s preference.

Also, since you’re able to see the least effective touchpoints, you can drive less budget to these strategies, which will help you create more cost-efficient marketing campaigns. With speech analytics you can also analyse the quality of phone calls, and see how many customers are converting to sales. You can view the areas that need improvement – such as being more understanding with customers, or clearer about payment processes.

Once you refine these areas, you’ll likely see an increase in the rate of conversions from your phone calls, and thus, a total increase in sales.

Increase customer loyalty

Another major factor in the success of your business sales is customer loyalty. The more loyal customers are, the more likely they are to make repeated purchases, as well as influence other customers to buy from you.

One way to increase customer loyalty is to improve the customer experience. By using speech analytics, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of phone conversations, seeing what the reason for the call was, how well they interacted with the staff, and how satisfied they were at the call’s conclusion.

When you perfect the quality of your communication, making it more reliable and engaging – perhaps with further customer service training for staff – customers will have a great level of satisfaction from your business.

Not only this, but the high-quality engagement will help create a more professional, superior brand image for your company. Loyal customers will be happy to make return purchases, as well as spread your expert reputation to help draw in more leads – thus increasing sales.

With the right call tracking software, you can drive your dealership’s sales to new heights, and create more opportunities for development and success.