Pass Plus: is it worth the cost?

As a new driver, you might be looking into ways that you can hone your skills even further and perhaps reduce the cost of your insurance on the way. If that’s the case, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across the Pass Plus course, a Government road safety initiative that helps to increase the confidence of those that are new on the road.

You may have passed your driving test, but that doesn’t mean that you have the confidence you need to tackle every road situation out there. A Pass Plus course can give you the boost you might need to feel as though you can take on the roads no matter the weather or time of day.

What does the course entail?

To complete the Pass Plus course, drivers have to complete at least six hours of driving training with an approved instructor. The course costs approximately £200 and involves the following six modules:

  • Town driving

This module will give you more experience navigating complex junctions and encourages you to make better use of your general observational skills.

  • All-weather driving

You’ll learn about how varying weather conditions can affect stopping distances and what to do if your car is skidding.

  • Rural driving

Countryside driving usually involves many blind bends, challenges with overtaking and the risk of encountering farm vehicles or animals.

  • Night driving

You’ll gain confidence driving with headlamps and gain more experience judging distances in the dark.

  • Dual Carriageways

Although you will have driven on a dual carriageway before, this module will allow you to gain more experience with judgement, observation, overtaking and merging.

  • Motorways

If you’ve just passed your test, the likelihood is that you’ll have never driven on a motorway before. This module will teach you the correct lanes to use for driving and overtaking, how to respond to lights, and what to do if you break down.

All modules are practical but some local conditions may mean that certain modules will be theory based.

Unlike regular driving training, there is no exam at the end of the Pass Plus course. Instead, you’ll be assessed throughout, and you’ll be required to achieve a standard in each module to allow you to progress.

You can take the course at any point, as long as you’ve passed your driving test. However, the majority of people who do opt for it will do so a few weeks following their test. The main benefit of the Pass Plus course is that new drivers will gain the confidence they may be lacking in certain areas of driving practice. Additionally, some insurance companies offer a reduced premium for those who have successfully completed this additional qualification. It’s always worth it to compare car insurance quotes to see what’s on offer before you decide to commit.

Some local councils offer a discount on Pass Plus courses, too. This is something that’s worth checking out during your research.

Are there any cons?

While it’s not really a con, sometimes the amount of money you’ll pay for the Pass Plus course is more than you’ll save on your new drivers insurance. However, it’s still worth bearing in mind that you’ll undoubtedly be gaining increased confidence behind the wheel. For new drivers that are still a little anxious about driving alone in certain areas, it’s definitely a good option.