Preparing for your Practical Driving Test

Prepare for your practical driving test

Getting your driving licence is one of the most important qualifications you can get in life and so it is not surprising that many people get nervous before taking their practical driving test. Being nervous is natural but to help you get the better of those nerves and be more successful on test day it is important that you are prepared.

Preparation starts long before your practical test. First of all, get to grips with your theory, because if you understand the rules of the road then no matter where you go on your driving test you can rest assured that you will understand any new road layouts or junctions that are ahead of you. In particular, get to know your road signs and road markings, and priorities on the road, so that you can be confident when driving.

Prepare for your practical driving test

It’s also important that you listen to your driving instructor and take the number of driving lessons that are needed for ‘you’ to get up to test standard. Just because your friends have reached that level after fewer lessons doesn’t mean that they are any better than you. The more driving lessons you take means you will benefit from more experience and experience is very valuable when taking your driving test.

Taking regular driving lessons is key to getting a good result on driving test day. Your driving lessons should be tailored to your individual needs and so as you get closer to taking your driving test you should be able to talk to your instructor about what you would like more practice on. If you want to work on a specific area or manoeuvre then talk to your instructor about this. Going to your test knowing that you can do your manoeuvres confidently will help you to keep calm throughout your test.

You could also ask your driving instructor to conduct a mock driving test for you, which will help you to understand how you would fair in a real driving test. Doing a mock test can also help you break down a few nerves and put your mind at rest that you are ready for test. It gives you the chance to work on any weaknesses too in preparation for your real driving test.

Finally listen to yourself, do you feel ready to take a driving test? If your driving instructor was not sat by your side, would you feel confident about driving on your own? If the answer is yes then you know that the time is right for you to take your test. Good luck!