Private Number Plates Guide

The new 16 plate has arrived, which means now is the perfect time to look for a new car and acquire one of the top contending number plates. To welcome the new registration into the UK, here is an infographic with some surprising discoveries about registration plates.

The new plate change only happens twice a year but it brings a wave of new variations with every change. To stand out from the crowd you can create your own show number plate which could include a name, a reflection of something you love or simply an eye-catching design. You can buy show plates for a good price if you are prepared to do some searching and try lots of combinations of meaningful numbers and letters.

In this infographic there are some examples of the unique plates to look out for in 2016, can you guess the words attached to the new 16 registration plates? Have a go at some general knowledge and match the registration plates below to a celebrity.




We have found some of the most valuable car registrations in the world are and what they are worth today. Currently the most valuable number plate in the UK is ‘F1’ which is worth £10,000,000 today! While ‘I D’ (which has nothing to do with the boy band) is worth £350,000, followed by ‘VIP I’ worth £285,000 and ‘CEO I’ worth £154,100.

Why do we need registration plates?

In the UK, registration plates are used to determine a vehicle’s age and place of origin. It is illegal to not have a number plate displayed when a vehicle is driven on public roads.

There are three sections to each registration plate, in order, they consist of the place of origin also known as the ‘local memory tag’ with the ‘age identifier’ followed by a random selection of letters to make the plate unique. There is an active reseller market with individuals and specialist private number plates companies all involved in regtransfers where every special registration attracts its own unique value and transfer price.

Banned registration plates

The DVLA takes great care in preventing inappropriate and offensive registration plates from being made available to the public. This is the case with every new release and this year some variations have been banned for being too obscene such as B16 BUT and OR16 ASM.

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