Safeguard your chauffeur business

Safeguard your chauffeur business against possible claims

A chauffeur driven executive car is cool to ride, cool to hire but maintaining and managing a chauffeur business is one of the toughest jobs in the world of asset based services. This is not only because of the financial risks associated with it, but also because it is very easy for the passengers to make claims almost on every occasion and file lawsuits at every window of opportunity they are provided with. We have seen many eminent businessmen lose their night’s sleep over the possibilities of such claims and methods to tightly shut those windows.

Protect your chauffeur business

Finding such insurance policies which cover for third party damage is not an unrealistic dream anymore. You may need to haggle a lot and spell out your own terms of the insurance agreement, but it is possible to get such an umbrella policy. These policies will cover for third party theft, fire, and other forms of damage and will protect you from any such claims made against your company. In today’s market of intense competition it is important to maintain an untarnished image in front of your customers. It is goodwill and a good image that keeps a business in the profit zone more than capitals. So when it comes to lawsuits and claims, it is always better to take preventative measures from the very beginning.

Code of conduct for passengers

In order to control and minimize the chances of claims and lawsuits against your chauffeur business the primary step that should be taken is predefining passenger behaviour. The party’s conduct should not threaten the reputation of a business or the safety of the vehicle along with the driver. Certain codes of conduct should be spelt out and strictly adhered to, like wearing the seatbelt, not standing up through the sunroof, not smoking inside the vehicle, no passenger should lean out of the windows and much more. These are mentioned in the agreements that the passenger or the individual hiring the car has to acknowledge before riding the vehicle. In case of unacceptable behaviour, as judged by the chauffeur, the passenger maybe denied access into the car. This can also be followed by instant termination of the agreement.

Ensuring roadworthiness of vehicles

Make sure your vehicle is well maintained with all the safety features in place and working condition. Go for premiums that meet your budget plan and do not make you compromise on expansion of your business. After all, a chauffeur insurance plan is a must for such businesses. Just be sure to choose a policy that provides you as well as your chauffeur and passengers with public liability covers that will swoop in during the time of any mishap small or big. Such covers work as miracles during such times; they can even provide you with replacement vehicles in dire situations which include the likes of Merc S class and Rolls Royce. Safeguard your chauffeur business by choosing your policy smartly. Compare, bargain, and buy. Talk to insurance executives whenever in doubt and always evaluate your fleet from the vantage point of an underwriter. These are a few key points that can help you protect your valuable business in the time of need.