Staycations: Ideas For Making The Most Of The British Countryside


Finding somewhere nice to visit for a quick getaway with friends or family can be challenging especially during times like this. The risks from traveling abroad can be quite high, both in terms of cancelations, health concerns, and changes in quarantine rules whilst you’re away. Lots of people have turned their attention to the ‘staycation’, so that they can experience the relaxation of a holiday, avoid the risks of international travel, and discover some of the fantastic destinations that the UK has to offer. Read on for some tips on making your staycation that little bit more memorable.

Try A Camping Holiday

Pitching up a tent can feel like a bit more effort than you’d prefer but being able to choose a few destinations to visit, surrounded by the stunning British countryside, can be well worth it. For a truly breath-taking experience, consider visiting a dark sky discovery site. Once you’ve settled down for the night, and if it’s clear weather, you’ll be able to enjoy the brilliant night sky. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

Camping under the stars

Alternative Travel

If you’re looking for a bit more of an enjoyable trip than traveling around in a car all day, you could always opt for a journey using some other form of transport. A cruise on a canal boat could be the ticket to a relaxing way to destress. Floating around Britain’s many waterways can be both a fun, new experience and also an eye-opening look at the interesting places the country has to offer.

Alternatively, why not cycle or, if you’re experienced and qualified, take a motorbike trip around the UK? This could be a great opportunity to invest in a new pair of wheels like a brand new, or even second-hand Suzuki. Whilst finding a good motorcycle dealer close to you can be difficult, it’s worth the extra bit of effort and travel if, in the end, you’re able to go on that thrilling journey you’ve always dreamed of.

Visit UK Lakes And Mountains

Visiting these areas can provide some incredible views. The Peak and Lake Districts are some of the most popular locations for outdoor getaways. You can find some wonderful hiking and mountain bike trails or why not grab yourself a quaint log cabin or cottage for a long-weekend retreat? Moving further north into the Scottish Highlands can feel like you’ve been transported to a distant, mythical land. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that these places exist right on our doorsteps.

The lovely Lake District

Enjoy The British Coastline

Finally, it would be unfair if we didn’t mention some of the traditional coastal towns and villages spanning the UK. Devonshire and Cornwall are home to gorgeous seascapes and offer a multitude of different activities on the sea. Take a boat tour or try your hand at some coastal fishing. You’ll even find that we have a number of places that are perfect for surfing and kayaking. Don’t forget your wetsuit though—even at the best of times, it can get very cold!

The stunning coast of Devon