Take it or Leave it? Choosing Car Dealer Add-ons

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Purchasing a new car is always an exciting time. If you’ve been considering it for a while, you’ve probably researched, taken test drives and asked plenty of questions to help you decide on your ideal make, model and price range. While you may be ready to spend a bit extra on a few luxury add-ons (who can live without seat warmers?) you should prepare yourself for the car dealer to offer you a few extras you didn’t know you needed.

The choice of whether to take them or leave them is up to you, but some you just shouldn’t go without.

Making the Choice About Add-ons

What types of add-ons will a car dealer most likely offer with your new car? There are several, some more necessary than others. Let’s take a look.

  • Wheel and Tyre Insurance- Out of all the add-ons you’ll be offered, this is one of the best. This type of insurance covers any damage that may occur to the wheel of the car. While it might not seem like much, you’ll appreciate it greatly if you bend the tyre after hitting a pot hole or drive over a nail. The insurance will cover a repair or replacement at no additional cost to you, and it pays for itself after tyre changes. Verdict: Take it.
  • Extended Warranties- No one ever imagines something horrible will happen to their car, but the truth is, it probably will. So what happens when you experience engine or transmission failure after the warranty on the vehicle has expired? That’s where an extended warranty comes in. This type of warranty will help cover the cost of certain car parts and necessary repairs so you don’t have to pay for them out of pocket. While some repairs may be minimal, this warranty will come in handy if you need to replace major car parts, like the transmission.

Verdict: Buy it, but make sure you understand what’s covered and what isn’t.

  • Gap Insurance- Cars depreciate in value, and as soon as you drive them off the lot, they are worth less than your purchase price. So what happens if you take out a loan to cover the full cost of the car and then total it the next day? While the loan may be for £20,000, your car insurance isn’t going to pay this much to replace it because the value has already depreciated. Gap insurance provides you with the “gap” between the total price and the amount the insurance company values the car, so you have enough cash to pay off the loan.

Verdict: It depends. If you’re able to make a large down payment on the vehicle, gap insurance isn’t really necessary. If the total cost of the car is covered by a loan, however, you may need it.

  • Key Replacement- Many dealerships are offering this add-on these days because keys for newer models have become very expensive. Many have computer chips placed within them, upping the price to between £200 and £300 for a replacement. Verdict: While this isn’t exactly pocket change, consider how responsible and organised you are before purchasing this add-on. If you are smart about how you handle the key, there could be little to no risk of you every losing the key at all. If this is the case, the add-on would be a waste of money. On the other hand, if you’re currently on your fifth pair of sunglasses this year and second cell phone, take the add-on.

Not every add-on a dealer offers needs to be purchased. However, some can greatly improve the chances of extended the life of your vehicle and saving you money in the process. Consider whether or not you can replace failing car parts, buy a new key, or pay off your current loan without them, then make the best decision for you.

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