Temporary car insurance FAQs

Temporary car insurance
Temporary car insurance

Temporary car insurance can be extremely helpful in some circumstances. Here we’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions about this short term insurance.

How long does temporary car insurance typically last?

Temporary or short term car insurance usually lasts from 1 to 28 days, so it’s a particularly useful and flexible policy.

 In what circumstances is temporary car insurance useful?

Temporary car insurance is a great option in a variety of situations, from hiring or borrowing a car, to buying or selling one. Moreover, temporary car insurance can also help you bridge the gap while you’re looking for the right deal for your annual car insurance. So as you can see, short term car insurance is useful in a variety of circumstances.

Can temporary car insurance help if I am borrowing or hiring a car?

Yes, short term car insurance can help if you are hiring or borrowing a vehicle for a few days. So if you are moving, are taking your belongings back to university or you’re going away on holiday for a few days, it could be your best course of action. Remember, if you borrow a vehicle you are not likely to be covered by the owner’s vehicle insurance, so it’s best to take insurance out yourself, to ensure you are covered. A temporary policy could also help you if you are sharing the driving with someone on a long journey and you won’t be driving your usual car.

Can temporary car insurance help if I am buying or selling a car

Short term car insurance can also be of help if you are in the process of buying a new car, so perhaps you are test driving a particular vehicle, or you want to bring you new vehicle home from the car showroom. You’ll want your new car to be covered from the word go, so it’s best to take out temporary car insurance.  Moreover, short term cover can also help if you are in the process of selling a car, that way you won’t have to take out cover for another year and potentially face a cancellation fee.

Should I take our temporary car insurance if I am using a courtesy car?

Another instance in which temporary car insurance can be useful is if your regular car is in the garage and you are using a courtesy car – it’s best to take out your own insurance to ensure you are covered. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you might find yourself driving another car in an emergency or at short notice, temporary car insurance can be sorted out extremely quickly in such circumstances.

Can short term car insurance help with driving for business?

Temporary car insurance can also work out well if you are using a vehicle for business use, it might be you are going to a one off event, a conference, a trade show or you are moving premises.

Is temporary car insurance appropriate if I own a classic car?

Car insurance that covers a day or so can also be helpful if you own a classic car that you drive on rare occasions.

Is temporary car insurance suitable for learner drivers?

In some instances, temporary car insurance can help learner drivers if they’re practising in their parent’s car or any vehicle that is not their driving instructor’s. However, some policies won’t cover learner drivers, so you’ll have to shop around.

What do I need to take out temporary car insurance?

Typically you’ll need to have your driving licence and vehicle registration to hand and give your broker or insurer your basic details such as your date of birth. Many temporary car insurance policies stipulate that you should have had a full driving licence for at least six months and be a UK resident. Insurers are also likely to ask about any driving convictions you have, accidents you’ve been involved in or medical conditions which could affect your driving.

Are there restrictions on temporary car insurance?

Remember, short term car insurance is only a temporary measure, you can’t keep renewing it, in fact, that’s now illegal. Though you can often extend a temporary policy by a few days, you’ll need to take out annual cover after that. You must be correctly insured to drive a vehicle, and if you’re not, you could face penalties. Remember, also that each policy and provider differs, so it’s best to shop around or talk to an experienced insurance broker when taking out insurance.

What affects the cost of temporary car insurance?

Just like any other insurance policy, when taking out temporary car insurance a range of factors are taken into consideration including your age, the number of years of driving experience you have, the vehicle you are driving and the purpose for which you’re driving. So insurance for work purposes tends to cost more than for leisure for example. Just like any other insurance policy, it’s best to look at a variety of options to ensure you get the best deal.