The Future of Smart Parking Technology

car park technology
car park technology

The future is awesome! If you’re a technology junkie like me, you also love looking ahead at what’s being developed.

The parking industry is a major one in terms of technological advancements. Not long from now the way we think about parking will totally change. Our cars already come equipt with tools to help us park safer and in smaller spaces. However you still have to find a space before these advances kick in. With Smartphone technology and the development of advanced equipment, consistently convenient parking will become a reality.

There are five parking equipment industries worth keeping an eye on. Let’s look at each one briefly.

Smart Parking Meters

Here’s where cities can revolutionize their communities for their own benefit and the citizens’. Drivers dread parking meters for:

  • Time wasted on paying
  • Necessity to carry cash

Smart parking meters streamline this process:

  • Pay with modern payment methods such as credit cards
  • Some Smart parking meters accept payments via Smartphones
  • With online networks you can make payments via a Smartphone app

This can apply to municipal parking or at events and shopping malls. Drivers can enjoy faster service. Cities—and center managers—will see an increase in parking revenue because more people make use of user-friendly systems.

CCTV Equipment

Security plays a major role in secure and convenient parking. With advanced parking machines being developed, CCTV will soon have an even bigger role to play in this evolving industry.

CCTV cameras can play many roles in Smart parking technology. Here are a few.

  • CCTV to Monitor Advanced Parking Machines – Camera systems can recognise number plates. Instead of showing identification at the entrance your number plate becomes your identification. Number plate information can be connected to apps or bank accounts. Now your payments can take place without stopping or using manual parking payment machines.
  • Security – CCTV footage in car parks keep record of all incoming and exiting vehicles. They can also record faces of passers by. Cameras are dynamic deterrents for criminals. Burglars don’t want records of them stealing vehicles. Your car will be safer simply because a CCTV system is installed.
  • Car Damage Prevention – As mentioned criminals are extremely weary of CCTV systems. Less vandalism will occur where camera feeds are viewed by security personnel.

Induction Loop Technology

Imagine a place where the frustration of parking is completely absent. There are tons of benefits to adopting the induction loop parking system into an establishment. Not only is it highly secure, but it promises higher sales by offering consumers massive comfort and convenience. These benefits promise to attract more customers to events, shopping malls and other establishments that have implemented this technology.

Worth the investment? Let’s find out.

The Drop Off

Cars entering a parking area enjoys automatic opening of booms or doors. The induction loop technology detects when a car is in the position to enter so booms can open.

Effective Parking Space Utilisation

Inductive loop sensors placed in each parking bay detect which parking spots are utilised. This information is used to supply accurate information to drivers looking for parking.

The Pick Up

When cars leave the system recognises this. The system is updated to tell incoming drivers about available parking spaces.


Mobile Parking Apps

Did you know that your Smartphone has the ability to find vacant parking spots? Mobile technology has come so far, that now apps are available to help you find parking. In this video you will learn about the exciting new developments in city parking.

Here’s how it works.

Smart City Technology

Smart cities use technology optimally especially to offer better municipal services. One improvement means parking becomes easier. You can find available parking spots via Smartphone apps.

Wi-Fi Enabled Parking

When parking systems become Wi-Fi enabled you can get:

  • Real time information about available parking
  • Pay for parking online instead of using outdated methods such as cash

This is beneficial to drivers but also for cities. These features help traffic flow better and increase a city’s income from public parking.

Robotic Valet

Have you met Stan? Stan is an automatic parking system that utilises parking space more efficiently. The Stan automated parking service allows drivers to park in parking bays. They inform the system when they need their cars again via an app. The drivers pay and leave. Stan robotic valets roll trolleys under cars and transport them to mass parking areas. When a driver returns the car is fetched again.

Stan makes practical sense because this robot helps save two vital things:

  • Time: No driver has to waste time looking for space.
  • Space: The robotic valets place the cars in close proximity to each other. Less space is needed as no doors must open.

As you can see, the system is pioneering the way we think about parking. It’s especially sensible for long term parking at venues such as airports.

You can see technology is beneficial for all parties concerned. Cities, businesses and consumers benefit when we tap into the power of modern inventions. When time can be saved and money made it’s worth looking into.