The Main Contenders in the Luxury Saloon Market

BMW 7 Series

Luxury vehicles are built to appeal to every sense of the driving enthusiast, coming equipped with all the latest gadgets, head-turning style and a driving performance to get your adrenaline rushing. Premium brands put a lot of time and resources into making their latest model the most desirable, best seller on the market. Such an epic battle of the brands makes it easy to become saturated with choice so we have narrowed it down to come up with the best of the best the luxury saloon market currently has to offer.

AUDI A8: The Steady Option

Audi may feel like the ugly sister amongst the sibling rivalry of the German manufacturers, but it is a car maker who can build elegant, tech-laden and refined cars. The A8 is their offering in this highly competitive sector and it feels like a lot of man hours have been spent making it as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Audi A8

The styling is understated as is the Audi way and it may lack the driving ability you would expect, but it is still a viable option as this 3.0-litre diesel model combines effortless performance with effective economy.

BMW 7-Series: The Best Drive

Think ultimate driving and BMW takes the lead. Supreme dynamism is what BMW have built their reputation on and even buying a used BMW 7-Series is enough to beat the latest offering from some their main rivals in terms of drive.

BMW 7 Series

If you want plenty of gadgets then the 7-Series won’t disappoint as it’s draped from bonnet to boot in some clever technology including 3D graphics on the central screen, all controlled by the latest generation of BMW’s iDrive system. As a luxury option this car has always been at the top of the true driving enthusiast’s list and it doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: The All-Rounder

Sophistication is what Mercedes-Benz consistently manages, with aplomb and it’s what their S-Class luxury saloon option oozes. Refinement, power, comfort and a build quality that eclipses its rivals in regards of scale and finish. Many of the additional features are desirable however they come with an added cost or limited to certain models such as the amazing Magic Body Control which is only available on the S500 model. Despite this, the S-Class remains the standard bearer with its stately appeal and effortless speed.

Jaguar XF: The Wildcard

This isn’t a wildcard in the truest sense of the word, but compared to the German domination of this segment a Jaguar is still not the usual choice. The XF model is an exceptional car with all the ride and handling you want for your money as well as luxury levels of refinement, coupled with effortless power. This comes at a price as the engines aren’t as fuel efficient as key rivals. However the XF does have that Jaguar edge which propels it immediately into contention being thoroughly different to its central European stalwarts.

Luxury car brands tend to remain unrivalled when producing speed, sleek design and technologically advanced vehicles and whichever you choose will be sure to satisfy all your driving needs.