Top 10 Items for Your Garage this Summer

There is no feeling quite like working on your car with the garage door wide open in the middle of summer. This can be hard work, but also extremely rewarding and enjoyable. With summer fast approaching, now is the time to make sure that your garage is properly stocked for you to carry out a range of automobile repair work. Here are 10 must own items this summer:

  1. Tool Chest & Cabinet – Having somewhere to safely store your tools is absolutely essential. This will help you to know where a tool is when you need it, keep your garage floor clear and also reduce the chance of theft.
  1. Work Bench – You will need a sturdy and reliable work bench for you to work on certain parts. This can also be somewhere to keep certain items handy.
  1. Seat – A comfortable adjustable seat will help you to work at all levels whether it is on the vehicle or at the bench.
  1. Jack Stands – A lot of work that is carried out will be underneath the car, so a jack stand will be a safe and reliable way for you to raise the automobile so that you can get underneath.
  1. Creeper – A creeper helps you to easily work on the underside of the car and also get back out quickly – this is much easier, faster and more comfortable than lying on the ground.
  1. Computer/Tablet – The internet is a home mechanic’s best friend as you can find all the tutorials you need online. Have a computer on your work bench so that you can follow guides closely, as well as have some music playing whilst you work.
  1. Air Compressor – You will be amazed at how handy an air compressor comes in as they have so many uses. Blow clean and dry parts, use air tools and inflate tyres are just a few purposes. You can find these at suppliers such as SGS.
  1. First-Aid Kit – Working in a garage it is likely that you will pick up a few minor injuries, so have a fully stocked first-aid kit on hand to safely deal with any injuries that you sustain.
  1. Fan – Working on a car can be hard work and particularly during summer. Stay cool by purchasing a high-quality fan that blows air over you whilst you work.
  1. Fridge – It is also important to stay hydrated, so consider having a fridge in your garage so that you do not have to constantly go back into the house. You could also have a few snacks in here, plus a few ice cold beers to reward your hard work.