Top 10 Lease Cars Under £150

Volkswagen up!

Whether you want to lease a car with bad credit, or get the best range of cheap car leasing offers, you’ll want to make sure that you get the best value for money without sacrificing on quality and comfort.

So for those of you watching your wallets, who still want a top notch driving experience, take a look at the top 10 cars which you can lease for under £150 per month.

Chevrolet Spark
The Spark is a great choice for new drivers who might not have a lot of disposable income each month. It’s low cost to run, and comes with a decent amount of equipment. However you can only lease the Spark second-hand now, so customisation won’t be possible.

Toyota Aygo
Depending on which trim you go for, the Aygo can be very cheap to run and tax. If you go for a mid-range model, then the interior is pretty slick and comes well equipped too. However the boot is on the small side.

Volkswagen up!
Volkswagen up!

Volkswagen Up!
This funky city car is a very popular, and is both stylish, good to drive, and cheap to run. A great choice if you’re making regular city commutes, although it can struggle a little bit on motorways. The interior feels quite classy, and everything has been built with quality in mind.

Peugeot 107
The 107 has tonnes of character, and the ride is very flexible, making it a great little city car. The good news is that it can handle itself outside of the city streets too. Although cheap and cheerful, the 107 doesn’t come with a lot of standard equipment and the boot is quite small.

Nissan Micra
Another great choice for new drivers, as the light steering and great visibility make the Micra incredibly easy to drive and park. The design is quite stylish, and there’s a surprising amount of room inside too. However, some of the plastics in the interior feel quite cheap and plastic.

Ford Ka
The Ka offers drivers a fun ride, although its engines are a little on the noisy side. The small dimensions make it perfect for city driving and parking in small spaces. It’s a bit more expensive than its rivals, and the standard equipment is scant.

Citroen C1
The C1 is an incredibly stylish car that comes with an attractive price tag too. If you’re looking for an easy drive with decent equipment as standard, then the C1 is for you. The ride can get a little bumpy at times though, and you won’t have tonnes of space in the backseat.

Vauxhall Corsa
A highly practical car, the Corsa has loads of space and comes with a generous amount of spec as standard. With a wide range of efficient and refined engines to choose from, there’s a version of the Corsa to suit everyone. The only downside is that the handling could be more responsive.

Fiat Punto
One of the best-selling superminis on the market, the Punto is very stylish both inside and out. The engines are impressive, and the interior has a very classy vibe. So it would make for a great business or city car.

Fiat 500
The Fiat 500’s unique retro style is guaranteed to turn heads, and the pricing is very attractive. A great choice if you’re looking for practicality and safety. Boot space could be bigger, and you’ll have to pay extra for some of the equipment, such as air conditioning.