Top Car Insurance Myths!

When it comes to car insurance, the internet is rife with misconceptions, bended truths and in most cases eye-watering quotes. Are drivers over 40 more experienced drivers? Do you really have to tell your insurer if you have a criminal conviction?

While some insurers are open and transparent about what can affect your quote, others provide little to no information on how you might mistakenly void your policy – apart from the terms and conditions small print, of course. In one case, a vicar was told her Jesus sticker could be classed as modification!

With around half of all car crashes happening on just 10% of the road network, we’ve every right to be extra cautious when choosing the right insurer. There are already some great ways to cut the cost of your car insurance online, most notably adding an experienced driver to your policy, paying a year in full and even using the right job title. But with premiums set to increase this year, mainly due to a significant increase in claims during 2014, motorists are looking to get the best deal on their policy, from one day insurance and temporary cover to third party and compressive.

So to help bring drivers up to speed, Tempcover has created a handy creative dispelling some of the top car insurance myths. As the UK’s largest temporary and short term motor insurance provider, they compare hundreds of quotes from insurers and will always offer the cheapest price available. Take a look at the infographic below to see which motoring rumours are true, false, and somewhere a little in between!

Tempcover Car Insurance Myths - Complete