What you need to know about your motorhome during the Coronavirus lockdown

Motorhome SORN
Motorhome SORN

Life amid the Covid-19 pandemic is certainly proving challenging for everyone involved. Governments and authorities around the world are doing everything they can to restrict the spread of the virus, while members of the public are being asked to stay at home as much as possible and only venture out for essential supplies or to exercise once a day.

Countless sporting and social events have been cancelled or postponed, and people all over the UK have been forced to put their holiday plans on hold. Not only does that apply to international travel, but non-essential journeys of any kind are being strongly advised against.

So, if you’re one of the estimated 225,000 motorhome owners in the UK, any trips you had in the calendar will have to be shelved for the foreseeable future. But what does that mean for your vehicle? How does it affect your motorhome insurance or the MOT? And should you be applying for a statutory off-road notice (SORN)? Here’s some key information which may prove useful to you.


If you’re considering taking your vehicle off the road while the Coronavirus pandemic continues, you might want to apply for a SORN and there is government guidance available on how to do this. Ben Cue of Comfort Insurance has opened up on some important Q&A’s you may want to know surrounding a SORN:

Q – If I SORN my vehicle which is insured with Comfort Insurance, do I need to tell you?
A – If you SORN your vehicle, you do not need to inform your insurance company.

Q – If I SORN my vehicle can I insure it under a household policy?
A – No. A household policy typically excludes motorised vehicles. Motorhomes & campervans should always be insured under a specialist motorhome or campervan policy to ensure that you and your vehicle are protected.

Q – If my vehicle is being kept in storage and has a SORN do I need to insure it?
A – We would recommend that you continue to insure your vehicle in case it suffers damage or is stolen whilst in storage. Furthermore, many storage site operators require that you have insurance in place for the duration that your vehicle is in store.

The Coronavirus has temporarily halted any immediate travel plans that you may have had this Easter. Comfort Insurance motorhome and campervan policies are specially designed to cater for the intermittent and flexible use to which your vehicle is typically put and automatically provides full cover to you should you SORN your vehicle. Should you require more specific advice on motorhome SORN and insurance policies there are a number of insightful resources available from providers.


As alluded to in that last point, retaining your motorhome insurance policy is recommended, even if you have no intention of taking it out and about. If you have comprehensive cover, keeping it in place will ensure you remain protected against the likes of damage and theft.

Should your motorhome become damaged in some way, your insurance will help to cover the cost of repairs. Or, if your vehicle were to get stolen and you had no policy in place, it would cost you a significant amount of money to purchase a replacement.

Furthermore, a lot of facilities require you to keep your vehicle insured whenever it is being stored with them, so it may be that you have no choice other than to retain your policy.


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced that any car, van or motorcycle MOTs due on or after March 30th 2020 would be automatically extended by six months. As long as you maintain your motorhome in a fit condition to drive, your insurance will remain valid and you will be covered for any claims you make on your policy. This arrangement will last for the duration that the DVSA continues any extension.