What’s Going on with Audi?

Audi Executive S7
Audi Executive S7
Have Audi Got It Right?

Audi are riding a wave of success at the moment, but how are they maintaining their position? Judging by what they’re doing, it seems that updating their existing range and adding more ‘hot’ versions of their models are the order of the day. Is this strategy going to prove successful?

250 RS3 Sportbacks Confirmed

When the RS3 went on sale in 2011 it was limited to 500 units, they all sold pretty quickly and ownership was fairly exclusive. This meant they held their value very well, and would go down as a classic in the Audi back catalogue. There was a rush on for matching RS3 private number plates. In the last 2 weeks Audi has announced they will be making 250 more RS3 models, which is a blow to current owners as the exclusivity of the model will take a hit. Priced at £40k it’s not a cheap car, and the rarity was part of the justification of paying this money which now seems somewhat pointless. They’ll probably still sell the added 250 with ease though judging on current sales figures.

New Audi S7 Offers no Surprises

The New S7 was never going to be a ‘supercar’ but we knew it would offer power, luxury and a great ride. This is exactly what it does. There is no reinventing the wheel and the S7 surges to 60 in 4.2 seconds – which is fast, but in a quiet and comfortable car like this, you don’t feel it as the driver engagement is fairly poor. Priced from £61k it’s only going to appeal to a select market of the business elite and will no doubt depreciate extremely fast, but if it’s your bag – then why not fill it?

Audi Executive S7
Audi Executive S7

New R8 Facelift is Minimal

The new pictures of the R8 have been released, and show a slightly altered front end with new LED strip lighting that is already present on the new A5. Not much else has changed and Audi fans were expecting a lot more from a flagship sports car such as the R8. There have been some tweaks under the bonnet though in both the V8 and V10 models, but still nothing wild. It’s sort of underwhelming, but Audi understand that if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it!

First Digital Showroom Open

London’s Piccadilly showcases Audi’s most recent strategy of displaying virtual cars on interactive screens for the public to have a look at. The installation must have cost a lot, but it’s probably cheaper on a long term basis than getting in all the new models, I mean who can keep up with every Audi release? This is most likely just a simply marketing ploy, as it positions Audi at the forefront of technology and social interaction, two things they want to get right. They care about their image and want to be talked about. This should tick those boxes whilst allowing them to display their cars in new cities and in smaller showrooms.

Audi's London Virtual Showroom
Audi’s Virtual Showroom in London

Rumours of Even More Models

To add to the already huge Audi range, there have been rumours of new Q models, a people carrier and even a scooter! This to add with their e-Tron range of electric concept cars makes possibly the largest manufacturer range out there. Comments surrounding some of these new ideas hope that Audi don’t just create the vehicle because there’s demand, but create it to be different and lead the class. This rapid expansion is unprecedented and further evidence of their current success.

What Does This All Mean?

What it essentially shows is that Audi are running high on a wave of success. They have a flurry of new releases and their marketing team know exactly how to position all their models, who’s going to buy them and what how they want to be treated. Audi’s move into newer and more contemporary marketing techniques such as a digital showroom will continue to push the brand forwards towards young people with cash who aren’t lured in by the BMW or Mercedes badges.

It means that Audi are capitalising on their strengths and trying to maximise their profits whilst they’re at the top of their game. Their long term success is unknown, but they certainly are giving off the impression of status, wealth and fortune at this point in time.