When is the best time to buy a new car?

When’s The Best Time To Buy A Car?

As with everything else in life timing is everything when it comes to buying a car and getting the timing right could actually save you a lot of money. There are so many opportunities out there when it’s possible to get amazing deals on new and used cars because, as strange as it seems, in the car sales industry there are year-end deals all the time. There are end of year models, ex demonstration cars, delivery mileage vehicles and pre-registered deals popping up throughout the year for various reasons. If you’re looking at the right time, or if you’re not in a rush to make a purchase and can wait for the right time then here are some great times to visit your local dealerships.

End of the month

Car salesmen generally work to targets in order to boost their earnings with commission. For example, their basic salary isn’t usually anything substantial as this then gives them the incentive to sell more cars because they earn commission from each sale which will boost their earnings considerably. Also, if a sales representative reaches their monthly target regularly then they’ll generally get some kind of bonus throughout the year. This is why one of the best times to buy a car is during the last week – particularly the last weekend – of any calendar month, because the salesmen are desperate to hit their targets in order to secure their commission and bonuses.

New model release

There are some manufacturers who bring out new vehicle models throughout the year; however the majority wait until summer time and then promote them throughout the summer and autumn. This is a particularly good time to catch a great deal because most dealerships will be trying to get rid of their stock of the old model in order to make room for the deliveries of the new. There are some seriously great deals to be had when it comes to old models so if you can wait it’s worth signing up to the newsletters that will inform you of any new releases.

End of the year

Generally at the end of any given year there will be old models still sitting on forecourts that dealers want to get rid of and as the winter months are generally their slowest most salesmen will be looking to sell whatever they can which means offering deals that you’re unlikely to see at other times of the year because they’re trying to make as many sales as they can because they still have to hit targets.

New number plate

There are two new car number plates released every year, one at the beginning of March and the other in September – and as many cars are pre-registered and not sold there are usually plenty of the old number plate left over. As many potential buyers who go looking in March and September are after the brand new number plate you’ll be able to save quite a bit if you’re willing to take a car that has been registered with the previous plate as dealers will be looking to get rid of them.