What you can expect from a Car Supermarket

Car Supermarkets - growing in popularity across the UK

What Types of Cars Can You Expect from a Car Supermarket?

The time has come to change the car parked in your driveway which means that you are now faced with one of life’s difficult decisions. Which brand should you go for or if you are devoted to a brand then which variety of model should you choose? The selection can leave you feeling daunted and fearful that you may take a route which leads you down the road to debt or mechanical complications.

Car Supermarkets – growing in popularity across the UK

Then there’s the age old question do you buy straight off the peg guaranteeing quality, warranty and peace of mind or take a gamble on the used car market? To give each option the careful consideration it deserves you must be thorough in your research and one option many people look at is purchasing from a car supermarket.

The great thing about car supermarkets is that they stock hundreds of cars, which are all available to view, test drive and buy on the day. This stock can range from your little Hyundai i20 hatchback right up to the prestigious Range Rover Sport.

The list of makes and models will be endless yet each vehicle falls under a specific category, each of which can be found at most car supermarkets:

  • Next-to-New Vehicles – Next-to-no mileage, no MOT checks as well as falling under warranty for select period of time makes this group of cars a highly popular choice, both with supermarkets and your average car buyer. Some car supermarkets have the ability to cut deals on nearly-new cars straight from the manufacturer. Add this to the benefits listed above and it becomes obvious as to why this dealer set has become so popular over the last three years.
  • Affordable Best-Sellers – If only the best will do then a car supermarket is always a great place to begin your search. Car enthusiast or buyers loyal to a certain brand will shop around a car supermarket’s forecourt for the best deal. This buyer knows the exact specification of the car they want right down to the seat colour which means playing car supermarkets off of one another can be a good way to get best price. It’s a “win win” situation as the best manufacturers will be happy to sell their second hand vehicles through the supermarket so fresh stock is always in supply, and the buyer can be sure to find the exact car they want.
  • Best Big Engine Buys – With everyone’s eye on the price at the petrol pumps nowadays, people are less inclined to spend £££ on a larger than average engine. It is for this very reason that taking your time when browsing a stock list can be your reward. Car supermarkets may struggle to shift vehicles with big engines and will start reducing the asking price. If you fancy it you can nab yourself a gem by seeing how low they can go.

So, which ever car supermarket you may choose to go through be sure to always follow the simple rules of car buying and do all the relevant checks but also take advantage of anything that is on offer to you. Be it the test drive, manufacturer warranty, car finance deals (although shop around to be sure you’re getting the best rates) or part exchange; car supermarkets have come a long way, ticking each box as they do.