Why The Fiat 500 is Great Car to Lease

Lease a Fiat 500
Lease a Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a small hatchback that is affordable to drive and perfect for inner-city commutes due to its sleek and convenient design. It’s similar to other hatchbacks such as the VW Up and Toyota Aygo, but the Fiat 500’s retro style is what really makes it stand out. It looks like no other car that is currently on the market and comes with lots of stylish personalisation options for those who choose the vehicle. And, with so many different financing options available for those who wish to drive the vehicle, many choose a Fiat 500 lease deal over a term of 3 years. So, let’s take a look at why you should choose a Fiat 500 and why they are such a popular choice of vehicle for drivers all over the world. 

The Interior 

The Fiat 500’s interior is relatively colourless, but who needs colour when everything else about the vehicle is pretty much seamless? The steering wheel and gearbox both feel brilliant considering the overall size of the vehicle, and though the slightly strange shape may look a little clunky from the outside, it’s perfect when it comes to the space of the interior.

It offers far more luggage room than any similar-sized hatchbacks, along with a healthy amount of versatility. The rear seats are large and can be slid backwards and forwards to maximise space in the boot or legroom depending on the requirements of the driver. They can also fold flat or be pushed forward, making the load space very convenient. Visibility is also brilliant, with a substantial panoramic windscreen and massive front lights. 


The Fiat 500 performs incredibly well for the size that it is and is really easy to drive even for those who have only just recently passed their driving test. It’s reactive and very sturdy on uneven surfaces and boasts a speedy acceleration for when those lights go green during an inner-city commute. Its small size and great handling make it easy to fit into tight city spaces.

Running Cost

It’s a brilliant vehicle if you are looking for an economical option when it comes to filling the tank with petrol. The only downside would be that due to its size, you would need to fill it up more often than a larger vehicle if you make longer journeys on a regular basis. But, if you think with your money hat on most of the time, this isn’t going to bother you in the slightest. 


Fiat 500s need a maintenance check every 18,000 miles they are driven or every 2 years. However, there is an option to get the vehicle serviced once a year of the car has travelled 9,000 miles or less. The servicing costs will depend on the model and engine size. But, if you choose to lease the vehicle, then you can avoid these fees as they will be included in the leasing terms. 

The Verdict 

The Fiat 500 remains a quirky and eye-catching vehicle to do your commuting in, with a practical interior that puts many similarly-sized vehicles to shame. The Fiat 500’s overall quality is hard to follow.

Young families after a stylish and convenient vehicle will find the Fiat 500 an appealing, and great value for money, especially if they choose to lease one.

The Fiat 500’s compact size, as we previously mentioned, is excellent for inner-city living and commuting, allowing you to slip easily into tight parking spots. The long doors eliminate much of the size advantage in parking lots, and the turning radius is larger than you might expect given the vehicle’s size.

Overall the Fiat 500 is a brilliant vehicle if you are looking for convenience and design and we would highly recommend it to anyone with a small young family or a new driver.