Why the Ford Fiesta is a bestseller

Top selling Ford Fiesta in 2012

Industry sales data just released for 2012 shows Ford’s Fiesta supermini as the best-selling new car in the UK, with nearly 109,265 registered. Fiesta’s nearest rival in the sales chart is Vauxhall’s Corsa supermini with 89,434; nearly 20,000 cars behind the popular Ford. So what is it that makes the Fiesta such a popular small car?

Top selling Ford Fiesta in 2012

New car sales data just released by the SMMT (The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders – the UK automotive industry trade association) reveals some interesting facts about the automotive industry in the UK. And the best news of all is that new car sales reached some 2,044,609 units; a 5.3 per cent increase on 2011, and that’s good to hear for 700,000 UK workers reliant on the industry.

However, as a reality check, we must compare these figures with the pre-recession figures of 2007 when 2.4 million units were sold, some 14.9 per cent more than left dealerships in 2012. So, clearly, there is still recovery work to be done.

Perhaps less surprising than the relatively strong increase in new car registrations through 2012 – especially considering the general sluggish feel to the UK economy – is the news that it was the Ford Fiesta that was the most purchased car of all, in 2012. Unsurprising because the Fiesta has consistently been at the top of the UK sales chart since taking the coveted number one position from another Ford model, the next-size-up Focus, back in 2009.

In total, some 109,265 Ford Fiesta models were registered new in the UK in 2012, and this is particularly good news as many of these registrations were private sales. Good news because up until very recently it was fleet sales – for company car drivers – that were making up the bulk of new car registrations in the UK, during the darkest depths of the banking crisis recession. The problem is that manufacturers must discount these fleet sales quite heavily in order to make the precious bulk sales, and smaller margins mean a squeeze through the rest of that manufacturer’s business.So, with very nearly 110,000 new Ford Fiestas on our streets – its closest sales rival was the same-supermini-sized Vauxhall Corsa with 89,434 – there must be something pretty special about the Fiesta supermini.

Well, it’s an accomplished car indeed with one of the very finest chassis set-ups of any car in its class, indeed many enthusiast drivers and motoring journalists – this journalist included – rate the Fiesta as the very best in terms of fast and fun handling and driving enjoyment. The steering is quick and positive, the suspension firm and controlled but still pliant enough to soak up our many road potholes, and with a great driving position any driver feels an engaging connection to the Fiesta. It’s also economical and reasonably-priced – though not the very cheapest.

The Fiesta also relies quite heavily on its reputation as a UK-design-focused supermini, that’s long been designed and tuned for the UK market by a very experienced UK team at Ford of Britain.

Sometimes we might forget that Ford is in fact an American company, albeit one that has had a large presence in the UK since the very early 20th century. They’ve been making the Fiesta – with the UK drivers’ needs and wants very much in mind – since the early 1970s, and with every new Fiesta – now in the seventh all-new edition – the Ford engineers make it better and better.

So, if you’re looking for a supermini for your driveway, these 2012 sales figures speak for themselves, and with so many sales over recent years there’s a good chance that you’ll find a wide choice of nearly new Ford Fiestas keenly-priced at a car auction; a great place to buy high-sales-volume cars.