Why you should invest in Winter tyres

Winter tyres

Many drivers don’t think they need winter tyres. In fact, in a lot of cases they will never even have considered the possibility.

Don’t be tempted to think that winter tyres are only necessary if your area suffers from heavy snowfall. There are very good reasons why winter tyres are important, and we’ve outlined the main advantages for your consideration.

Winter tyres

Road safety

This is of course the main concern for most drivers when the weather takes a turn for the worse in the wintry conditions Britain often experiences from November to February.

Fitting your car with winter tyres means you will enjoy the comfort of driving with a better grip on the road. Winter tyres don’t harden in the cold the way summer tyres do, maintaining your control over the vehicle. This makes them particularly useful in temperatures below 7°C.

Winter tyres maximise performance in all kinds of cold weather, including snow, ice, slush and rain, all of which are common issues for drivers of new and used cars near our Manchester dealerships.

Tests have been carried out to support this, and it was found that winter tyres help you stop 11 metres earlier when travelling at 20mph, and eight metres earlier at 30mph, an extremely big distance which could make all the difference.

Longer lasting tyres

As well as keeping you and your family safe, these tyres will also last longer on treacherous winter roads than the summer variety.

Winter tyres have wider grooves, which gives them their greater grip that makes them much more suitable than summer tyres for this type of weather. They are specifically designed not only to perform better but also to last longer in winter conditions.

This also means that you can achieve better mileage than you would otherwise have been able to, as the greater strain on the wear of regular tyres during winter months can reduce mileage by up to 20% without you even realising.

Be prepared – get your winter tyres early

As well as all this, if you wear down your summer tyres and are caught driving with them when they are no longer fit for purpose, you could be fined up to £2,500, potentially ten times the amount it would have cost you to install winter tyres. Why take the risk?