6 reasons to install EV charging at your office

The world is exploring new ways of cutting down on pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere. One of the major causes of the increasing pollution rate is the use of non-renewable energy resources to power vehicles. Hence, there is a growing tendency among new car buyers to explore the options in electrical vehicles.

Electrical vehicles as the name suggest run on electricity and hence, release none of the harmful gases that are created in the combustion of petrol/diesel. This shift in car consumer behaviour needs to be supported by EV charging stations. It would be a smart decision for businesses to put in EV charging stations since people’s decisions of where to eat or shop will be motivated by this.

Through EV charger installation, you can send a positive message about your company and differentiate yourself from your competition. These are the following six reasons for installing EV charging in your office.

Attract new customers

EV owners will want to park wherever there is a charging station for their cars. As a business owner, you would want to attract new customers to your business. If your business has EV chargers, these owners will be attracted to park in your parking spots and make purchases from your business.

Furthermore, it is the easiest way of being highlighted on google maps. EVs have a console installed where the owners would be able to see your business’s charging station. While they get their cars charged, they are likely to buy from your shop. This would increase your revenue while creating a pleasurable feeling in the mind of the buyer. Just by installing an EV charging solution, you are also building your brand image and value.

Promote corporate social responsibility

Big corporations have the responsibility of doing something good for the world. This can involve tackling the global problem of environmental degradation. These corporations can do their part in the attempt of being sustainable by installing an EV charger in their office premises.

This can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint and send a message to the world that your enterprise values sustainability.

Make your business futureproof

As more and more people are gravitating towards EVs, you as a business need to invest in setting up an EV infrastructure. Sales of EVs across the UK have been rapidly increasing and businesses need to change according to this positive consumer trend. Only those businesses that adopt and adapt themselves at the early stage, will have a better chance of success.

Be a leader in the industry

People are more attracted to businesses that promote global causes. If your business can become part of this go-green revolution at an early stage, you can become an industry leader in a small amount of time. Your leadership will allow you to leverage better deals for yourself and make more impact. Become a part of this before it is too late for you to stand out amongst hundreds of others with EV charging points.

Make it a part of your business perks

If you are a hotelier, you can advertise that you offer EV charging solutions for your guests for free. While this might seem unsubstantial at first, it can drum up new revenue in the future. Your employees who own an EV would also look at this step as a benefit.

Tax rebates

EV owners are currently enjoying tax rebates and other incentives for making the change. Businesses that support this initiative and install an EV charger will also be eligible for these rebates and incentives.


The reasons stated above should be sufficient enough to impel you to apply for an EV charger installationfor your business. Rest assured this will make a difference for the better!!