Benefits of A Hatchback!

Sporty Hatchback from Ford
Sporty Hatchback from Ford

The Economy

We all know that petrol costs are increasing rapidly and unpredictably. Nearly all of us are felling some financial pressure due to the economic conditions prevailing around the world. Wages are not keeping up with inflation so we are all looking for ways to cut costs. Owning a small vehicle might be one of them.


In general, small vehicles are cheaper to buy than larger ones. By small cars we are not talking about sports cars of course – we’re talking about little hatchback cars. Entry-level hatchbacks are a lot less expensive than saloons but they are built with similar technology. So buy the smaller car and pay less initially and lower finance costs but have all the same features and performance.

Sporty Hatchback from Ford
Sporty Hatchback from Ford

Less Fuel Consumption

A smaller car is usually lighter and is often fitted with a smaller engine but it produces the same speed and responsiveness as the larger engines heavier 4 x 4’s or saloons need. The smaller car could utilize a 1.4 four litre engine and it’ll feel as powerful as the sedan with a 1.6 or 1.8 engine. This means you will pay less each time you fill up your car and will probably be able to go further on each tank. This is a significant everyday saving.

Easier Maneuvering

It’s not just money-saving which makes a smaller vehicle appealing. Their bonnets are smaller and they don’t have protruding boots. This not only makes maneuvering much easier it also means these smaller cars can fit into spaces which sedans or 4 x 4s couldn’t.

Better for Beginner Drivers

Most new drivers discover the smaller car is easier to drive and less daunting than bigger cars. Also a hatch back is a magical invention that turns your car into a van! You can move large and weirdly shaped furniture into your first flat with relative ease. Things that slide into a hatchback will not get into a saloons boot.