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The Three Best Strategies for Selling Your Car

At some point during every car owner’s life there will come a time to trade up for a better car and if not done correctly this somewhat tedious task can see many left short in the pocket. Being prudent when selling your car can enable you to minimise your losses and help you avoid throwing money away unnecessarily. Luckily there are different options at your disposal if you are planning to sell your car and depending on your aspirations; whether it is for a quick sale, a good profit or an upgrade; we can show you just how to go about getting what you want:

For a Quick Quid

A lot of money is tied up in cars from the upfront price to the running costs; each takes their toll on our finances. Occasionally, it can be vital to offload a car quickly and safely to recuperate these costs and this can leave you in a vulnerable situation as a seller. The risks of being haggled down or conned by your local car dealership as you look for a quick solution to your money needs increase with desperation.

The solution for those needing an instant cash injection lies with professional car buying services located across the UK such as These businesses offer a safe route to selling quickly because they have buying power to take any car; whether it is in a bad condition or as good-as new. The online valuation, sale and receipt of money via transfer can be completed within 48 hours making for an attractive, viable option for car selling.

In it for the Profit

If profit is important and time is on your side then it would be advisable to push for a private sale. This route gives you the ability to advertise, haggle and possibly take advantage of an inexperienced car buyer who may not know the vehicles true market value. The only drawback to this approach is that it takes time and money to sell your car privately however the benefits can be reaped on the end result if you are smart about it.

Up for an Upgrade

Money is not your main goal if you decide to use this strategy. Upgrading or even downgrading to a newer vehicle due to a change of circumstances or through necessity will take you down the part-exchange route. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone because dealerships can offer you a good valuation for your current car, while enticing you to consider a deal on a more suitable car from their forecourt. This approach generally works well if you have a good business relationship with the dealership however it is still advisable to shop around for the best offer before you decide on a price.

For which ever reason you decide to sell your car for be assured that the market is starting to pick up both privately and in the trade so getting what you want is within reach. Be smart about the price and don’t let people waste your time and selling your car won’t be as dreaded an undertaking as it has been in the past.